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Emergency Notification

Cameron University utilizes an emergency communication system to send time-sensitive notifications via voice messages, e-mails and text messages. This service helps us provide a safer environment, enhances emergency preparedness and keeps our faculty, staff and students better informed.

To edit your information:

  1. Log into your AggieAccess account at
  2. Click on the ‘My Info’ tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Update Emergency Communication System Info’ link and enter your contact information.

The communication system can deliver a message to up to three phone numbers, two e-mail addresses and one text message per student. If you have difficulty entering or updating your information, please call the Student Computing and Help Desk Coordinator at 580.581.2338.

Please be assured that all personal information collected by Cameron University is maintained in the strictest confidence. This system will be used only in the event an urgent and timely notice is required.

Important details about receiving a message:

  1. When you receive an emergency message from Cameron, your caller ID will display (580) 581-2211.
  2. For e-mails, the e-mail ID will be from
  3. When listening to a message, please be aware that background noise will cause the system to “stop and start.” It is calibrated very delicately to determine whether a person or an answering machine has picked up the phone, and background noise may affect the delivery. If possible, move to a quiet area or press the “mute” button on your phone.
  4. If you missed any part of the message, please stay on the line and press “*” (star) to hear the message again.