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Mandatory Placement

Mandatory course placement was developed to provide information about the English, math, science, and reading skills required for success in college. By assessing students’ ability levels, mandatory placement helps to determine the courses most appropriate for students.

Course placement in English, math, science, and reading courses will be determined by either ACT or computerized placement test (CPT) scores. For students under 21, placement is determined by ACT scores in the above subject areas. Students with ACT scores below 19 will be placed in deficiency-removal (pre-college) courses but can appeal this placement by taking the CPT. Adult students (over 21) and active-duty military will be placed in appropriate courses based on CPT scores.

For additional information concerning mandatory placement, contact the Testing Center or the Admissions Office.


The Testing Center administers many in-house and national tests throughout the year. Testing schedules are available at the Testing Center, the Admissions Office, or on-line at

Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) are administered weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. The Residual ACT and CLEP are offered monthly, and DSST and MAT are offered by appointment. The Institutional TOEFL is offered three times per year at the Testing Center.

National exams offered include the ACT, SAT, Praxis, LSAT and GRE Subject.

Please refer to the Testing Center website at for detailed information on these exams for admission and advanced standing credit.

The Testing Center also proctors exams for Cameron University online classes and for online classes from other universities.

CU-Duncan: CPTs and the Residual ACT are offered on the Duncan campus. Call (877) 282-3626 for dates.

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