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Jan. 6, 2022: Update of CU COVID-19 Policies for Employees

As Cameron University looks forward to the start of the Spring 2022 semester, an update on the university’s COVID-19 policies is in order. The Centers for Disease Control recently released new guidelines that shorten quarantine and isolation periods. This is an overview of these changes:

  • Employees who test positive for COVID-19 may discontinue isolation under the following conditions:
    • At least five days have passed since symptom onset (or since date of positive test for asymptomatic cases); AND
    • At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever reducing medication; AND
    • Other symptoms have improved.
  • Employees who were in close-contact to someone who tests positive for COVID-19 may return to campus under the following conditions:
    • Fully vaccinated employees that have received boosters shot OR completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within the last six months OR completed the primary series of J&J vaccine within the last two months do not need to quarantine as long as symptoms are not present (those who are fully vaccinated but do not meet this criteria should follow the guidance for unvaccinated employees listed below). Testing is recommended five days after last exposure to the infected individual. It is strongly encouraged that exposed employees wear masks in public indoor settings for 10 days after exposure or until they receive a negative test result. In the event that a fully vaccinated employee tests positive for COVID-19, they should follow the protocol for positive COVID-19 employees listed above.
    • Unvaccinated employees and employees who do not meet the above criteria are required to quarantine and may return after five days have passed since last exposure. Testing is recommended five days after last exposure to the infected individual. It is strongly recommended to wear a mask around others for an additional five days. Those who develop symptoms should remain at home and seek testing.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19, they should contact Human Resources at 580.581.2245 as soon as possible. They may also complete a Notification of COVID-19 case form. Students who are impacted by COVID-19 should fill out an online case notification form online, email, or call 580.581.2676. More information on the protocol for students will be shared with all students in the near future.

All of this information, including information on testing and vaccine sites in the community, an educational video series on COVID-19 and the vaccine, and information about CU’s employee assistance program can be found at this link: COVID-19 Employee Guidance.