Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

May 5, 2020: Summer and Fall 2020 classes

As communicated previously, the summer term at Cameron University will look much like the conclusion of the Spring 2020 semester. The majority of courses will be offered in a virtual format so that the university can practice social distancing and minimize the further spread of COVID-19.

An up-to-date schedule of courses, including locations and course formats, may be found here. Students should check this site regularly for course enrollment updates.

The Fall 2020 semester should more closely resemble the past with opportunities for face-to-face instruction or technology-mediated instruction (ITV, online, and hybrid) but there will be significant changes on campus to assure a safe and healthy learning environment in CU classrooms, laboratories, visual and performing arts spaces, residential facilities, and athletics and recreational areas. The university will also be prepared to rapidly return to virtual learning environments if circumstances warrant. Student learning is Cameron’s top priority but that cannot be accomplished well if students and employees are not safe and healthy, too.

Students may anticipate that the university will increase the frequency and the types of cleaning in all campus locations. Cameron University class sizes have typically been small and that will continue. However, students should expect those classes to be scheduled in larger rooms to respect social distancing. Access to communal spaces, restrooms, stairwells and elevators will be modified. Furniture types and furniture arrangements will be different. For campus residents, there will be modifications to policy and practice, including additional restrictions to visitor access.

The university will continue to exercise caution and modify campus operations in Duncan and in Lawton as necessary based upon new guidance from healthcare authorities and changing community circumstances. As those circumstances change, CU will adjust operational plans for summer and fall. In any event, Cameron will provide outstanding student learning opportunities with highly qualified faculty and staff at an exceptional value.

As students consider enrolling for the summer and fall terms, they should be aware that the university has limited the number of campus buildings that will be open to provide services during May, in case they are unable to work through telephone, email, or social media with advisors and counselors for enrollment, placement testing, advising, and financial assistance. The McMahon Centennial Complex OneStop and the university bookstore will remain open and accessible from the east building entry through the Inasmuch Gallery. The Shepler Center, including the Welcome Center, computer lab (for placement and testing use only), Wichita Room, and office suite on the first floor will remain open and accessible from the east building entry. At CU-Duncan, the building’s north hallway, including the Student Center, will remain open and accessible through the north entry.

It cannot be emphasized enough how proud the university is of its students and employees. Collectively, the entire Aggie family has stepped up and stepped forward to address this situation. Obviously, as long as this pandemic lasts, it will be impossible to eliminate every risk. But Cameron University will do everything within its power to provide its students a safe learning environment. We want to be part of your plan to fulfill educational and career goals and accomplish your dreams.

For the most current information about other aspects of operations and activities at Cameron University and responses to the impacts of the pandemic, please continue visit this web page regularly.