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Cameron University Travel Restrictions

Updated July 1, 2021

Out of State Travel:
All university-sponsored travel, out-of-state or international, remains restricted to essential travel consistent with State of Oklahoma Executive Order 2019-03. Essential travel is expressly limited to travel that is necessary to maintain professional accreditation that is otherwise unavailable within Oklahoma, that is critical to the performance of core agency functions or required by the federal government or necessary to secure or maintain federal funding.

Forms of travel that are currently approved as “essential” include the following:

  • Student recruitment
  • Student athletic competition
  • KCCU radio station repair and maintenance
  • ITS and Physical Facilities infrastructure and repair equipment purchases
  • Employee travel for required continuing education units, accreditation, or licensure in the area of duties as a condition of CU employment
  • Employee travel for programmatic or institutional accreditation or certification maintenance (HLC, ACBSP, ACS, Co-ARC, NCATE/CAEP, etc.)

Other forms of travel may be approved. Please provide a rationale describing the essential nature of the travel to accompany the submitted T3 form.

In-State Travel:
All university-sponsored in-state travel requests will revert to the review process in place prior to March 2020. Where applicable, meeting by telephone or other virtually-enhanced environment remains strongly encouraged.

Motor pool usage:
The motor pool is open and available for reservation and use subject to the following conditions:

  • Employees managing motor pool resources are responsible for public safety aspects of travel including road-worthiness of vehicles, assuring driver competence and eligibility to operate university vehicles, and establishing vehicle occupancy. The only public health aspect of travel these employees will manage is to assure vehicle cleaning between reservations by different vehicle operators. Vehicle availability may be reduced as a result.
  • The immediate supervisor of the individual requesting access to motor pool vehicles is responsible for public health aspects of travel. Specifically, the immediate supervisor assumes responsibility for identifying appropriate individuals to share the close confines of a vehicle by their signature on any request for travel.