Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus


All Cameron University classes, events, and activities are expected to support social distancing of at least six feet between individual participants unless appropriate screens, masks, or other personal protective equipment are utilized. Specific guidance for room occupancy and the conduct of instruction in classrooms and laboratories for the summer term is available through the Office of Academic Affairs.

Room and facility reservations for Cameron University prospective student events and activities will resume on July 6, 2020. Reservations for other CU non-instructional events, as well as events and activities inside buildings by external groups may be submitted to the Office of Events Management for dates after the conclusion of the summer instructional term that ends on July 23, 2020. Specific questions may be directed to Carey Monroe, Director of Events Management at

Because of the potential need to use certain areas for classroom instruction, the following areas will not be available for rental/reservation for the foreseeable future:

  • The CETES Conference Center
  • McMahon Centennial Complex rooms 211 and 212

Cameron University will not host face-to-face residential or day camps during July. At a later date, some events may be rescheduled.

Any campus guests will be requested to meet these Campus Health Expectations:

  • Expectation 1: Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
  • Expectation 2: Monitor your personal health daily and take your temperature before you leave home.
  • Expectation 3: If you are sick, stay home.
  • Expectation 4: Respect personal space – social distancing; allow six feet between individuals if at all possible.
  • Expectation 5: Cover your nose and mouth. We are all expected to wear masks when social distancing is not possible or guaranteed. When in doubt, wear a mask.

This announcement supersedes event restriction guidance provided in the May 14, 2020 announcement.