Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

COVID-19 Conversations: Be Polite, Share the Word

Cameron University encourages students and employees to take positive steps when they see others taking actions inconsistent with its COVID-19 policy. It is not always easy to have a conversation that can seem accusatory or confrontational, so CU has some suggestions.

How you say something is just as important as what you say. Empathy and compassion are an effective approach when communicating the university’s COVID-19 policies. Here are some suggested things to say:

When you see someone on campus without a mask

  • “Your health is really important to me. Did you know wearing a mask on campus is required?
  • “I am wearing my mask to take care of those whose immune systems might be compromised. Would you like to join me?”

When people are not social distancing 

  • “Pardon me, would you mind sneezing/coughing into your elbow?”
  • “Please let me know when you are finished using this shared space so I can come back – I know we all want to maintain proper social distancing.”
  • “Pardon me while I try to keep a safe distance.”
  • “Let’s be safe. I’ll catch the next elevator!”
  • “I understand you are not worried, but I’ve decided to continue practicing social distancing and am not yet comfortable with being closer than 6 feet. Do you mind maintaining the 6-foot recommendation?”

When greeting and approaching others

  • “Hi! I’m not shaking hands due to the virus, but it is a pleasure to meet you.”
  • “I would feel terrible if we got each other sick. Let’s keep our social distance.”
  • “I’m social distancing right now, but I am happy to see you.”
  • “I’m so glad to see you. Here is an air high five.”

Appreciating those who follow Cameron’s COVID-19 policy

  • “Thank you for being so considerate of others and wearing a mask.”
  • “I appreciate you keeping your distance for the health of everyone.”
  • “Thank you for modeling safe COVID-19 practices!”
  • “Love your mask. Thanks for wearing it!”

If a student indicates compliance is not possible due to medical reasons, please refer them to the Office of Student Development to request accommodations on the basis of disability. Employees may be referred to the CU Office of Human Resources.