Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Meet Victoria

Victoria Due


Elgin, OK


Civil Engineering

Graduation Date

CU 2020

Current Employer/Location

Altus Air force Base/Altus, OK

CU: Do you think school prepared you for your first job, or was it more "on the job" training?

Victoria: It was more on the job training for me. I work with a lot of CAD and very high tech field equipment that I had never been exposed to before Altus.

CU: What did you splurge on with your first big paycheck?

Victoria: A trip to Denmark

CU: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Victoria: Enjoying my job at Altus and working towards a supervisory position.

CU: What inspired you to do Engineering?

Victoria: Dr. Youngblood’s engineering Academy (I attended the very first one ever)

CU: Do you think it is difficult for women to enter the Engineering field? (Sexism, prejudice, etc..)

Victoria: I don’t think it’s difficult to find a job, I think it’s difficult to fit in with your coworkers sometimes.

CU: What advice would you give to current students?

Victoria: Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets, and don’t be discouraged by a bad grade, it happens to us all. In the end it will all have been worth it!