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Meet Loic

Loic Rossignaud




Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date

CU 2021

Current Employer


CU: How was the transition from Cameron University to another University?

Loic: The transition to my new school was less daunting thanks to the Cameron Engineering Department having us do mock interviews, resumes, cv's and motivation letters. Thus preparing me for transferring to targeted universities.

CU: What did your job process look like after school? Was is rather difficult to find one?

Loic: The job process required a lot of time and energy since I was targeting specific companies that were competitive with over a hundred of applicants. Strategy was a big part of the process.

CU: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Loic: I would like to be working with people wanting to innovate for a more sustainable future.

CU: Do you think it is difficult for women to enter the Engineering field? (Sexism, prejudice, etc..)

Loic: I think the engineering field is very intimidating for women mainly because of the high rate of masculinity it has but I am confident this is changing. However, we need more actions to be taken from the people in power. Cameron university is unquestionably going the right way with "CU Empowering Women in Leadership and STEM".