Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Meet Kristina


Major/Area of Study


Graduation Date

CU 2000

Current Employer

The Family Vision Clinic

CU: What inspired you to pursue Chemistry?

My high school chemistry teacher inspired me. She did many experiments with us and lit an interest in me.

CU: How was the transition towards your next assignment since graduation from CU?

The science department, specifically the chemistry department, made the transition into optometry very smoothly. I learned how to study and was challenged well before entering optometry school.

CU: What was your next assignment after graduation? (internship, graduate/medical school, job, etc.)

Optometry School

CU: What was your favorite class/lab?

organic chemistry lab

CU: What is the one thing that you would go back in time and change if you could?

I would choose to relax more and enjoy the process.

CU: What would you give to present and future students as advice?

Continue to strive toward what you want no matter how tough some of the classes might be. Be willing to get help and/or advice from your chemistry professors. They really do want to see you succeed in life. Life is a journey so focus on every step along the way instead of only thinking about the next step and have fun!