Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Meet Krista


Major/Area of Study


Graduation Date

CU 2006 OSU 2010

Current Employer

Weatherford OB/GYN Associates

CU: What inspired you to pursue Chemistry?

I felt it was diverse enough to open doors to many types of professional schools or graduate schools.

CU: How was the transition towards your next assignment since graduation from CU?

Transitioning to Medical School was hard, but I was very well trained. I had a solid background in basic sciences and was trained in effective studies strategies, data collection and gathering resources.

CU: What was your next assignment after graduation? (internship, graduate/medical school, job, etc.)

Medical School

CU: Did your learning experience from CU help you in any way in your career profession?

Definitely. I was given so many opportunities to learn, collaborate and participate in research that transitioning into the Medical Profession was not stressful.

CU: What was your favorite class/lab?

Probably Biochemistry - it was a small class so my classmates and I really bonded in the lab and doing homework together. It was also very helpful to have taken before Medical School.

CU: Which class/lab was the most challenging during your time at CU?

Physical Chemistry was so hard!

CU: What is the one thing that you would go back in time and change if you could?

I don’t think I would have changed any of the Chemistry courses I took, but I would have added Spanish classes or business classes to help me be a more well rounded professional.

CU: What would you give to present and future students as advice?

If you are seeking professional school, you can absolutely accomplish this with a degree from Cameron. Take a lot of initiative to get volunteer hours, clinical experience and develop relationships with the professors. Be present! Be active!