Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Meet John


Major/Area of Study

Inorganic Chemistry

Graduation Date

CU 2018 Baylor 2023

Current Employer

Baylor University

CU: What inspired you to pursue Chemistry? 

The ability to make new, never before seen materials as well as understand what is required for new medications, chemicals, and materials we use in everyday life.

CU: How was the transition towards your next assignment since graduation from CU?

A large jump, but one that is necessary for the experience required to earn a chemistry PhD.

CU: Did your learning experience from CU help you in any way in your career profession?

Without it I would never have been allowed to apply, much less succeed.

CU: What was your favorite class/lab?

The senior level labs which changed format from instruction to hands on experience, such as advanced instrumentation usage as well as determination of unknowns.

CU: What is the one thing that you would go back in time and change if you could?

I would have started undergraduate research my freshman year.

CU: What would you give to present and future students as advice?

Explore courses that you are not necessarily familiar with; for a new discipline could become the career move that changes your life.