Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Meet John

John R. Gillis III

Graduation Dates

CU 2010, Baylor 2013 

Major/Area of Research

Physical Chemistry

Current Employer


CU: What inspired you to pursue Chemistry?

John: I had a knack for chemistry and was always fascinated by science and the world around me. Chemistry provided me the knowledge and tools to analyze the world around me to gain a better understanding of what is going on.

CU: How was the transition towards your next assignment since graduation from CU? What was your next assignment after graduation? (internship, graduate/medical school, job, etc.)

John: Following my time at Cameron, I pursued a graduate degree from Baylor University. The transition to graduate school was straightforward and my time at Cameron more than prepared me for success at that next level.

CU: Did your learning experience from CU help you in any way in your career profession?

John: My time at Cameron has played a major role in the success I’ve had in my career. The ability to get hands-on with the variety of instrumentation available in the labs at Cameron has given me the experience needed to stand out amongst my colleagues throughout my career.

CU: What would you give to present and future students as advice?

John: Enjoy the time you have in school and don’t be afraid to try things that make you uncomfortable, that is where true growth will be found.