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Assurance Argument Review Committee

The Assurance Argument Review Committee serves to review and update the Assurance Argument provided to the Higher Learning Commission through the 2024 - 2025 academic year. The committee convenes at least twice each year to allow members to provide input on behalf of the unit or units represented.


Faculty: Three appointed by Faculty Senate; and one each appointed by the VPAA, academic deans, and assistant or associate vice presidents for academic affairs supervising employees with academic rank.

Staff: One each appointed by the following groups or individuals: Staff Advisory Council; each vice president; the Senior Director of Public Affairs; the Director of Athletics; the Director of Information Technology Services; the Director of Physical Facilities; and the administrator directly responsible for distance delivery of instruction.

Administrators: The Accreditation Liaison Officer (chair) and the HLC Assurance Argument Logistics and Coordination Team Member for Document Support.