Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Meet Stephen

Stephen Gibson


Fredrick, OK

Pre Engineering Education

Great Plains Technology Center


Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date

CU 2019, OSU 2021 

Current Employer/Location

Henniges Auto/Fredrick, OK

CU: How was the transition from Cameron University to another University?

Stephen: Not bad at all. Already used to walking to classes and finding information from the student union or help desks to get my way around. Classes became bigger from Cameron to OSU. All classes transferred over so no issue with credits and no retaking classes to make up for credits.

CU: Do you think school prepared you for your first job, or was it more "on the job" training?

Stephen: I believe it was a mixture of the two. Sometimes learning new programs and design processes was on the job. The understanding of materials and designing/machining parts was from school.

CU: Would you do anything differently in your career path?

Stephen: I would have tried to look into civil/environmental along with mechanical more than just focusing on mechanical. Maybe have done mechanical and robotics.

CU: What did you splurge on with your first big paycheck?

Stephen: 3D printing upgrades and supplies.

CU: What advice would you give to current students?

Stephen: Find good friends that want to study and hangout when the homework and studying is done. It will really help your mental health and make sure you do not crack under the pressure of classes and being weighed down by thinking you have too much going on.