Information Technology Services

Cameron University Computer Labs

University labs are for students, faculty and staff use. It is important to remember that these computers are used by many people during the day. Therefore, proper use of the equipment is extremely important.

Lab Listing

Computer LabLocationNo of PCsNo of Macs


South Shepler 22270

Art Classroom

Art 114023

Business Finance Lab

Ross 101-102400

Business Lab

Ross 100380

Business Tutorial Lab

Ross 22140

Center For Writers

Nance Boyer 203790

Computing and Technology CADD Lab

Howell Hall 201North: 25 South: 250

Computing and Technology Classroom/Lab

Howell Hall 108240

Computing and Technology Classroom/Lab

Howell Hall 204100

Computing and Technology Classroom/Lab

Howell Hall 207250

Education Lab

Nance Boyer 1029260

Fine Arts Lab

Music 139264

Foreign Language Lab

Nance Boyer 200590

Journalism Classroom

Nance Boyer 2068029


Library ClassroomLibrary 103250
McMahon Village LabVillage130
Multimedia Classroom/LabCETES 104250
Multimedia Classroom/LabCETES 110230
Sarkey's LabScience 203250
Sarkeys Foundation Sutdent LabAcademic Commons670
Shepler CenterShepler Center120