Aggie Escape

What Is Aggie Escape?

This exciting overnight adventure will allow you to meet other freshmen and learn everything you need to know about being a Cameron Aggie!

We'll provide you information on what to expect as a new college student and how to become involved on campus.  You will learn all of Cameron's traditions, meet the university mascot, and learn how to be a proud Aggie fan.

Don't miss this opportunity to make life long friends and memories at Aggie Escape!

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Why did you decide to attend Aggie Escape?

"I decided to attend because I needed to get to know more people and it would be a good experience to know more about Cameron and their traditions."

- Tamaura Shelton, Sports and Exercise Science Major, Class of 2018

After reading a little bit about it I decided like it would be a good experience to meet new people and make new friends so that when I got onto campus I would know a few people and I wouldn't be all alone. That was the exact outcome: I made several new friends. I also had people from Aggie Escape in some of my classes. I am so thankful that I went because it turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me my freshman year.

- Alex Kolinski, Allied Health Sciences Major, Class of 2015

Aggie Escape - Are you in or out?

Aggie Escape Contact Information

Leslie Cothren
Student Activities Specialist

Cody Gardner
Admissions Counselor

August 13 &14, 2015

Meet at the Aggie Rec Center by 12:30 on Thursday and retuning Friday around 1pm.

Camp Y'shua in the Wichita Mountains

How Much:

What does registration include?
Lodging, t-shirt, all food, and much more.

How do I sign up?
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