The Cameron University Guarantee

Cameron University remains committed to ensuring that only competent graduates enter the workforce. In fact, we guarantee it. Upon employment, should any graduate have deficiencies in core employment areas in his or her major field of study, Cameron University will provide additional education at no expense to the graduate or the employer.

How Cameron makes this Guarantee

The guarantee is possible because of the proven quality and demonstrated commitment of Cameron faculty and staff. In the 2011 Higher Learning Commission comprehensive review of Cameron University, the Commission noted that Cameron is a "role model institution in its integration of planning, budgeting, assessment, and institutional accountability." Further, the Commission stated that Cameron University has "student learning at the center of what it does and despite significant statewide budget cuts, the institution was able to redesign itself to meet changing student needs."

Cameron is proud of its graduates and confident in their skills and competence. This guarantee is an assurance of that confidence. In addition, Cameron is committed to transparency to the public. Please refer to the section entitled "Transparency" on the right of this site for access to review the university's budget and retention and graduation rates. In addition, no later than January 2012, the curriculum vitae for all Cameron faculty as well as course descriptions with learning outcomes for all CU courses will be available for search and review.

"The Cameron University Guarantee" is believed to be the first program of its kind offered by a public university in Oklahoma and one of the first in the nation.

Eligibility for the program

  • The student must have graduated from Cameron University in Spring 2012 or later.
  • The student must have completed all of his or her course work at Cameron University and graduated with a baccalaureate degree within five years of his/her initial enrollment.
  • The graduate must be employed in the state of Oklahoma.
  • The identified deficiency area(s) must be in the graduate’s major field of study and be confined to entry-level competencies expected of a new college graduate.
  • The employer must identify and report the deficiency area(s) to the Cameron University Office of Career Services within the first six months of the graduate’s initial employment.

Honoring "The Cameron University Guarantee"

  • Upon receiving notification of a deficiency, Cameron University faculty will develop an individualized plan to remediate the deficiency area(s). The plan will include the required learning outcomes and will be implemented and completed within one year.
  • Assistance may be provided to the graduate through distance learning technology or other arrangements mutually agreed upon by the university, the graduate and the employer.
  • It is understood that any required remediation is a three-way partnership among the graduate, Cameron University, and the employer and that all must operate in good faith to remediate any deficiency.