Graduation Planner

Welcome to the Cameron Aggie family. We hope that you find this Graduation Planner to be a useful tool as you make your journey toward becoming a proud Aggie graduate. The journey to earning a college degree is both exciting and overwhelming. Among most college graduates you will find stories of enjoyment, personal growth, self-discovery and limitless learning as well as stories of hard work, struggle and tough times. It is the combination of these experiences that produces truly outstanding graduates well-prepared for career success. As you begin your journey as a college student there are a few things you should know. The first is that college will be both challenging and rewarding. You will struggle; you will have to work as hard at school as you ever have. People will expect more and more of you as you progress through your education. Remember, we are only trying to make you better and guide you in realizing what you are truly capable of achieving. The second is to have a plan. Time management and organizational strategies are different for everyone, but you should work hard early to develop a system that is effective for you. Whether that is color coding, paper calendars, electronic calendars or some other mechanism, a plan for managing the variety of responsibilities you will have and deadlines you must meet will be critical. Last, you will need help at some point during this journey. When you do, remember to ask for it. The university is rich with resources to help students find success. The information in this guide is provided to be a resource to you as you face challenges. If you are unsure what to do or where to go for assistance, ask someone. Our mission is to help students be successful in earning a college degree. We will gladly assist you in seeking out help with any obstacles that stand in your way. Best wishes as you embark on this life-changing journey to becoming a Cameron Aggie graduate!