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Human Sexuality FAMS 2153

"As a result of taking this course I have learned to appreciate individual’s sexual orientations that are different to mine and my culture."

"I started to apply the Sternberg triangle love theory to my personal life, and it has helped my marriage."

"I never realized how much a subject that is taught in a classroom could change how I feel about myself."

"This was by far the favorite class for me this semester."

"I learned more about female anatomy and this has helped me learn more about my own body."

"Variant sexual behavior interested me this semester because one I didn’t realize how many sexual variant behaviors there are and also the back-story of getting into the minds of why people do that."

"One of my favorite things that we learned this semester was the comparison of male and female sexuality. The reason that this intrigued me the most was because it is amazing how many little things are different between males and females. Also how big the problems those little differences can cause."

Lifespan Human Growth and Development PSY 3353

"Honestly the entire class was really interesting for me to the point where I thought about changing my major. Sometimes I just found myself wondering “why does that happen” or “why does he or she act that way?” Sometimes I would call my mom after class and say I knew why so and so acts the way they do because we just went over it in class or I would tell my husband what we learned that day because it related to one of us."

"I found Lifespan Development and Human Growth to be an interesting and enjoyable experience. I discovered information that will not only help me with parenting but will also prepare me for different stages in my life and what I will be facing when my grandparents reach late adulthood. Lifespan will not only be beneficial in my personal life but it has better prepared me for my professional career as well."

"I was frankly surprised at how much Lifespan covers in the field of psychology alone. It applies to all the things that I love about the field, and it made me reminisce about all the fun times I've had learning about these things. It both reinforced my positive feelings toward the subject and helped me look into the different things I can do for grad school."

"It was a great experience to learn about how people work from the top to the bottom of their bodies inside and out. The information was far from being general knowledge. I thought before coming into this class that I knew general information about the way human development works, however I was wrong. Therefore, I believe the information provided was very interesting, and also good information to carry on into the future as we continue to learn how humans work."

"During the Lifespan course I have gained much knowledge that I feel will continue to help me in my career and was positive to learn. Everything that I have learned throughout this course will help me in nursing which is want I want to do after college."

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