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October 2019


Convocation photoWell, the semester is going strong. We just held Academic Convocation, which recognizes all the scholarship recipients and those involved in Honor Societies. Students probably also just finished mid-term exams and may be feeling a combination of relief and stress. This newsletter is all about the mid-semester check, be that academic, social, or health and wellness. 

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In This Issue

So, how does my student know how they’re doing academically?

We are about halfway through the fall semester which means your students should be checking their midterm grades. Midterm grades should be entered on or after October 16th for 16-week classes. This is a great way for students to make sure they are on track, and to make any necessary corrections if they are not. If their mid-term grades are not what they were hoping for, this is a great time for them to meet with their instructors to see what is going wrong and see what they can do to improve their performance. Please note, not all instructors will enter midterm grades, but a student can set up a meeting with any instructor to find out how they are doing in the class if the grade information is not in Blackboard or on AggieAccess. Students can view their midterm grades in AggieAccess under the “My Info” tab at the bottom right in the box that says “Student Grades,” after selecting the Fall 2019 term. 

Campus resources available for academic support:

What's on your student's mind?

  • Students (specifically first-year students) may begin to realize college life is not as perfect as they were expecting it to be. Their college experience may not be meeting the expectations they set. Help your student to re-evaluate their expectations to make sure they are reasonable.
  • Students may be concerned about how to pay their bill this semester before they enroll for next semester. Students can see how much they owe by logging into Aggie Access. Additionally, they can visit with the Financial Aid Office if they have any questions or need some help looking for additional sources of funding. 
  • As students continue to interact with others who are different than them, diversity issues may become apparent. Encourage your student to embrace these differences and learn about people who are different than them.
  • Students may be struggling as others begin to show their “true selves”. As people become more comfortable in their new surroundings, masks start to come off. Your student may need to evaluate friendships and determine which ones are most healthy for them.

What about my student and their finances?

If you are like many others right now, you are spending smartly and saving as much as you can. If you are financially supporting your student, this adds another new level of strain. And it’s likely that your student may be feeling the financial pressure too. It’s smart to start talking them through what finances during the next term will look like.


  • Budget Assessment: How much money is your student spending in a month? Encourage them to keep track during a typical month so there is an accurate assessment of their needs for next term. Keep in mind that students tend to do more social things in the spring. Not only have they met more people by then, but clubs and organizations tend to be more active then too.
  • Winter Break Plans: Will your student be working over winter break? If so, now is the time for them to begin putting these plans in motion to ensure they get the job they need.
  • Upcoming Expenses: Ask your student to talk with peers to find out what expenses to anticipate for the next term. From academic responsibilities to social commitments, they can get a sense for what they’ll need from students who’ve been there before.

Once your student has a sense of what they need next term, they can begin to determine what is reasonable for them. Talking now offers ample time to have conversations with financial aid officers and to remind your student to make smart choices about spending.

So, they've made it past mid-terms. What about enrolling for next semester? 

If your student has not met with their advisor yet, they should schedule appointments now! Enrollment will open for all students on Friday October 25th. The best way for students to get the times and classes they need is to ENROLL EARLY. If they wait until December or January, the classes or times they need may not be available which can ultimately delay their graduation. 

If your student is unsure who they need to speak with to enroll, they can find out who their advisor is by opening up Degree Works from their MyInfo tab in AggieAccess. Once they put in their student ID number (including the 3 zeros) at the top of Degree Works, it will populate their degree progress information and show them their assigned advisor. Once they know who their advisor is, they can use the Faculty/Staff Directory under the Quicklinks box under the Home tab in AggieAccess to find contact information for their advisor to schedule an appointment. If their advisor is in the Academic Advisement Center, they can schedule an appointment either by calling 580-581-6741 or by creating an appointment online at the following link:

What are some tips for helping my student adjust socially?

Social Adjustments Sports photoCollege isn’t just about getting good grades in classes. In order for your student to fully embrace the college experience, there are many social opportunities available for students to make connections with others. Through these social experiences, students can make friends with other students, faculty, and staff both inside and outside their classes. These connections can help students form study groups, learn valuable time-management skills, find a hobby with which they connect, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, meeting and creating strong bonds with other students create a support network for when students enter a rough patch and need a little encouragement.

There are many avenues for students to find connections (and have a good time):

All the above activities are free to your student when they use their Cameron ID.

It's the season for getting sick. How can my student prevent or treat an illness? 

Any time lots of people are gathered in one place, there are germs everywhere. There are some simple steps your student can take to help prevent the spread of the cold and flu:

  • wash your hands frequently
  • cover your coughs and sneezes
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • don't share food, drink, or utensils.
  • if you live with other people, frequently clean commonly used surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards, and bathroom areas.
  • try to avoid close contact with sick people.

There are significant differences regarding symptoms and treatment of a cold and the flu. Here’s a handy chart to help you compare the differences:

Cold or Flu

If your student starts to feel sick and is concerned they may have the flu, they can visit the Student Wellness Center for a flu test.

  • If you are ill with flu like symptoms, stay home until 24 hours after your fever is gone.
  • Eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly!

Once again, all services provided by the Student Wellness Center are free to Cameron students.

Meet a Professor

Kerri Stephens photoName: Kerri Stephens

Title: General Psychology Coordinator and Instructor

How long at Cameron: Six years

Advice for Students: Get to know your professors.  They care, they want to know you as more than a name and they may have had some awesome career experiences from before their teaching days to share with you.  Also, get involved on campus.  The whole college experience will be much more exciting and memorable if you're more than a come and go student.

CU Fun Fact

Agricultural College Cover

In 1908, the Oklahoma Legislature created six agricultural high schools. The Cameron State School of Agriculture held its first classes on Statehood Day, Nov. 16, 1909. Cameron added junior college work in 1927 and was renamed Cameron State Agricultural College. In 1941, high school courses were dropped, and Cameron became solely a junior college. Baccalaureate degrees were authorized in 1966 and the institution’s name was shortened to Cameron College in 1971, and then changed to Cameron University in 1974. In 1988, Cameron University was authorized to include offerings at the master's degree level.

Important Phone Numbers

Dean of Students - 580.581.2244
Academic Advising Center - 580.581.6741
Office of Campus Life - 580.581.2217
Office of Financial Assistance - 580.581.2293
Office of Student Development - 580.581.2209
Student Wellness Center - 580.581.6725

Upcoming Campus Dates

Thursday, October 24 - Diversity Celebration sponosored by the Office of Student Development

Thursday, October 24 - Poetry & Chill sponsored by the Residence Hall Association and the Diversity Diplomats

Friday, October 25 - Volleyball vs. St. Edwards

Tuesday, October 29 - Halloween Carnival sponsored by PAC

Tuesday, October 29 - Volleyball vs. Southern Nazarene

Wednesday, October 30 - Ole Kim's Birthday Party sponosored by the Office of Campus Life

Thursday, October 31 - Halloween Dance sponosored by RHA

Thursday, October 31 - Aggie Madness sponsored by CU Athletics

Monday, November 4 - CU Succeed - Paying for College: Funding Sources sponsored by the Office of Student Development

Tuesday, November 5 - CU Succeed - Juggling Act: Finding Balance with Work, School & Life sponsored by the Office of Student Development

Tuesday, November 5 - Goat Roast sponosored by PAC

Wednesday, November 6 - CU Succeed - Time Management for Research Projects sponsored by the Office of Student Development

Thursday, November 7 - "Oklahoma's First Cosmetology School in a Women's Prison" presented by the Criminal Justice Association

Thursday, November 7 - CU Succeed - GPA Boosters: Tips on Making Good Grades sponsored by the Office of Student Development

Thursday, November 7- Friday November 8 - CU Opera

Friday, November 8 - Volleyball vs. UT Permian Basin

Saturday, November 9 - Big Pink Volleyball sponsored by the Office of Campus Life

Saturday, November 9 - Volleyball vs. Western New Mexico

Tuesday, November 11 - Veteran's Day Ceremony

Thursday, November 14 - CU Band Concert

Friday, November 15 - Men's Basketball vs. SWOSU