Student Organization Star Rating Program

Is your organization a stellar one? Prove it by participating in the CU Star Rating Program. Earn some bragging rights and a spot on the pedestal of Cameron's top organizations.

500+pts = 5 Star
400-499pts = 4 Star
250-399pts = 3 Star
100-249pts= 2 Star

Points must be earned in each of the 5 categories in order to earn a 5-Star status.

The following list is not complete and can be modified. Organization Presidents, Advisors, and Officers should stop by the Office of Campus Life with questions.

Star Rating Breakdown

Organization Planning and Leadership

  • Submit re-registration paperwork by specified date (20pts)
  • Attend Student Organization Orientation (40pts)
  • Organization Roundtable Sessions (10pts per session)
  • Maintain an updated Facebook/Twitter/Website (10pts each time it is checked; checked twice (2) per year)
  • SGA Meeting Attendance (5pts per meeting)
  • Attend a Conference sponsored by your Organization (30pts per conference)
  • Present at a Conference sponsored by your Organization (20pts per presentation)
  • Serve on a Committee at the National (15pts), State/Regional (10pts), or Local (5pts) level
  • Organization hosts a workshop for its members (10pts)

Campus Programming

  • Plan Campus Wide Event (20pts per event)
  • Participate in Homecoming (10 points per event)
    • 20 additional points for 1st place in contest
    • 15 additional points for 2nd place in contest
    • 10 additional points for 3rd place in contest
  • Participate in the Halloween Carnival (30 pts)
  • Play Intramurals (15pts per one-day, 30 points per season)
  • Co-sponsor an event with another organization on campus (20pts per club)
  • Sponsor a CU at the Game (20pts)

Community Service/Philanthropy

  • Volunteer hours (1pt for every 1 hour)
  • Charitable donation (1pt for every $10 raised)
  • Projects coordinated by the organization (20pts per project)
  • Organization serves as a team in the Big Pink Volleyball Event (30 pts)
  • Organization serves as a team for Cameron in the Parks (30 pts)
  • Organization serves as a team in the MLK Day of Service (30pts)

Campus Involvement

  • Sponsor a Bookcase in the Library (15 points per semester)
  • Attend Organization Roundtable Discussions events (10pts per event)
  • Table at Organizations Fair (20pts per event)

Community Involvement

  • A member has a paper published (30pts per paper)
  • A member participates in a community art show (30pts per show)
  • Give an informational presentation for a community agency or event (30pts per presentation)
  • Participate in a Community-wide event (30pts per event)

 Italicized items pertain to individual members.

Non-italicized items are for the organization.


2015-2016 Five-Star Organizations

These organizations are recognized as the best of the best at Cameron University.

5 Star Organizations