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Faculty and Staff


Barbara Pickthorn Profile Image

Barbara Pickthorn

Interim Assistant Director/Associate Professor
Library - Room 107
(580) 581-2855

M.L.S, North Texas State University M.S., Cameron University B.A., North Texas State University


Cathy Blackman Profile Image

Cathy Blackman

Associate Professor/Cataloging Librarian
Library - Room 107A
(580) 581-2917

M.L.I.S., University of Southern Mississippi M.S., Cameron University B.S., Blue Mountain College

James Scholz Profile Image

James Scholz

Instruction & Assessment Librarian
Library - Room 107
(580) 581-5916

M.L.I.S., University of South Florida M.Ed., Cameron University B.A., University of South Florida

Wensheng Wang Profile Image

Wensheng Wang

Associate Professor/Access Services Librarian
Library - Room 104
(580) 581-6710

M.L.S., University of Arizona M.A., East China Normal University, Shanghai, China B.A., Anhui University, Hefei, China

Library Staff

Chris Allison Profile Image

Chris Allison

Senior Library Associate - Interlibrary Loan & Archives
Library - Room 202
(580) 581-2382

B.A. & B.S., Cameron University

Brandon Barnes Profile Image

Brandon Barnes

Circulation Supervisor
Library - Room 100
(580) 581-5553

B.A., Cameron University

Razil Cataquiz Profile Image

Razil Cataquiz

Senior Library Associate - General
Library - Room 107
(580) 581-2962
Wes Medlin Profile Image

Wes Medlin

Senior Library Associate - Acquisitions
Library - Room 107
(580) 581-2960
Erica Rae Moore Profile Image

Erica Rae Moore

Senior Library Associate - Cataloging
Library - Room 107

B.A., Cameron University

William Poole Profile Image

William Poole

Senior Library Associate - Evenings and Sundays
Library - Room 100
(580) 581-2955
Kai Williams Profile Image

Kai Williams

Library Circulation Supervisor - Morning
Library - Room 100
(580) 581-3109

B.A., Cameron University