Multimedia Design - Associate Degree

The purpose of this program is to prepare individuals with technical multimedia development skills to function as team members in the systematic design and development of technology based, interactive, user-friendly instructional applications that will:
  • Promote the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills by learners
  • Make the acquisition of knowledge and skill efficient, effective and appealing
  • Direct learners to appropriate learning activities, guiding students to appropriate knowledge and helping learners rehearse, encode and process information
  • Monitor learner performance and provide feedback and systematic revision where needed
  • Meet design standards for end users.

Program Objectives

Given a set of learning objectives and specifications for an instructional program, the graduate will be able to:
  • Employ Instructional Systems Design methodology and use an automated tool to design instruction that meets the statements of purpose
  • Develop story boards and shot lists
  • Write text
  • Edit audio and video using basic video compression and digital video / audio techniques
  • Use multiple authoring systems to develop fundamental instructional programs that meet designated user interface design standards
  • Develop and incorporate simple computer graphics

Program Requirements

The program is designed to prepare graduates to perform as members of multimedia instructional development teams. The major component is a sequence of technical courses, presented using multimedia instructional techniques, spanning four semesters through which the essential skills will be developed. These courses are supported by general education courses and related courses which ensure that students develop essential communication skills and an educational foundation which supports continued study. A significant feature of this program will be the use of evaluation tools to determine appropriate placement based upon the demonstration of competencies. Students who enter the program at advanced levels will be awarded credit for elementary skills in accordance with University policies. The 60 semester hour program is composed of 18 semester hours of general education, 29 semester hours of technical specialty courses, seven semester hours of technical support courses, and six semester hours of technical related course work to be chosen as electives.