Cameron University seeks input for student-edited revision of Ellenbrook’s “Outdoor and Trail Guide to the Wichita Mountains”

Cameron University students are lending assistance with the revision of the late Charles Ellenbrook’s popular “Outdoor and Trail Guide to the Wichita Mountains,” considered by many to be the definitive guide to the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. Part of the project includes gathering input from visitors of the Refuge and those who have used the book as a resource to the area in the past.

“We would love to hear from those who are familiar with the ‘Guide’ with their suggestions for new and revised content,” says Dr. William Carney.  “The book is extremely popular among people who use the Refuge. Since we have embarked on this project, we have been surprised and pleased by the reception the book receives.”

If you would like to share your thoughts about the “Outdoor and Trail Guide to the Wichita Mountains,” contact Dr. Carney at or at 580-581-2928. Carney advises that the student editors are open to all input, including what could improve the guide, what information is lacking, whether the general layout should be modified, and more.

After Ellenbrook passed away in late 2017, his family members expressed their wish that an updated version of the highly treasured guide be published in memory of his love of the Wichita Mountains. Friends of the Wichitas president Jim Stone approached Carney, Professor and Director of Composition in the CU Department of Communication, English and Foreign Languages, about the prospect of involving CU students in the guide’s revision in 2018. Since then, CU students have taken on the arduous task of fact-checking the current content and submitting proposals for revisions.  Carney anticipates that the on-going project will take about a year to complete.

“Ten students began work on the guide as part of an editing class,” he says. “Three additional students worked on it as part of a special project for which they received course credit. This semester, we have three current students who continue to provide assistance on the project.”

Kimberly Frey, Cameron Muse and Michaela Obeanauf, all of Lawton, are working on the project this semester. Frey and Muse are English majors, and Obenauf is an English Education major.

“Students who contribute to this project are gaining real-world experience and learning what it means to edit and revise a publication,” Carney says. “In addition to the editing skills they have gained, the real pay-off will be seeing the final product in print.”



September 30, 2019