Cameron University announces promotions for Camp, Kingsley

Cameron University has announced the promotions of Susan Camp and Dr. Margery Kingsley, effective July 1. The action was approved by the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents yesterday.

“Susan Camp and Dr. Margery Kingsley each play a vital role in the quality of education at Cameron University,” says Dr. Ronna Vanderslice, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Both are committed to providing leadership, resources and mentorship to Cameron students who are working toward degree completion.  They understand that student success at the collegiate level is a stepping stone to a successful career path.”

Susan campCamp, who has been the Director of CU-Duncan since its inception, will become Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Her duties have been expanded to include oversight of Cameron’s distance learning program. Under her leadership, CU-Duncan continues to expand course and curricular offerings. She was instrumental in the addition of science laboratories to the Duncan campus, enabling students to complete all course requirements for an Associate in Science degree in Allied Health Sciences at that location.

Kingsley, a member of the Dr. Margery KingsleyCameron faculty since 1994 and currently Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, will become Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.  New responsibilities include oversight of the Cameron University Library. A former academic department chair, she has directed the Office of Teaching and Learning since 2013. In that capacity, Kingsley is responsible for many university initiatives that are designed to provide Cameron students with enhanced learning opportunities.



June 26, 2019