Cameron University launches new student organization, Ris4Thursday, to support foster care alumni

Cameron University is launching a new student organization, Ris4Thursday, a support group for foster care alumni and those that would like to be foster care advocates. Ris4Thursday is a statewide collaboration of higher education professionals, community members and organizations working toward increased understanding and support of former foster youth attending Oklahoma colleges or universities.

“Ris4Thursday will play a critical role in assisting foster care alumni at Cameron University,” says Taylor Thompson, Cameron’s Coordinator of Diversity Affairs and Cameron’s designated Ris4Thursday advocate. “Children placed in foster care can face significant barriers to access and success in higher education. The foster care experience can be emotionally traumatic, even for those children who receive exceptional placement. Unfortunately, some experience physical trauma as well. When they are emancipated from foster care at the age of 18, they may not be aware of the numerous resources in place that offer assistance in obtaining a college degree.”

The organization focuses on three specific areas: research and statewide coordination of information; direct service to students, which occurs through Ris4Thursday advocates at the campus level, and interrogation of public policy impacting foster alumni college students.

In observance of November’s status as National Adoption Month, Cameron’s Ris4Thursday chapter is accepting gifts and donations that will benefit the Lawton Angel Tree and the Lawton office of the Department of Human Services.

For more information about Ris4Thursday or to make a donation to the gift drive, contact Taylor Thompson at 581-2209 or


November 21, 2014

PR# 14-205