Cameron University makes Degree Works academic tracking program available to CU students

Cameron University undergraduate students can track their individual degree progress through Degree Works, a comprehensive online academic advisement tool. Degree Works will enable CU students to monitor their progress toward degree completion and graduation beginning March 3. Students can access the tool by logging into their AggieAccess account, going to the “My Info” section, and selecting “Degree Works” under the Student Quick Links.

“Degree Works is a user-friendly tool that will be a tremendous asset to Cameron students,” says Ronna Vanderslice, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “This is actually the second phase of the roll-out. Our faculty and advising staff have been using the tool for almost a year, and their feedback has been universally positive. Degree Works will enable Cameron students to take a more pro-active role in charting academic and degree progress.”

The benefits of using Degree Works are numerous. A student’s degree audit displays his/her coursework in an easy-to-read report summarizing the degree elements that have been completed as well as those that have yet to be completed. For courses that have yet to be completed, the user can click through to the schedule for each class for the upcoming semester to see what options are available.

“Degree Works will help Cameron students be better informed about their academic career,” says Vanderslice. “Using the information in front of them, they can make more informed decisions when deciding which classes to take in order to progress toward degree completion.”

Students will also have the ability to see how their completed coursework can be applied toward another major, concentration or minor using the “What If” option. For example, a student majoring in elementary education who is considering changing his/her major to English education can quickly identify what additional coursework, if any, will be required.

Degree Works is a secure online system that allows students to access only their individual account. It is designed to aid academic advising but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions. Each student will still be partnered with an academic advisor. In addition, the tool does not take the place of an official academic transcript or an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Degree Works is currently available only to undergraduate students.  


February 17, 2014

PR# 14-034