Cameron University awards scholarships to seniors statewide

Cameron University in Lawton has awarded academic scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year to more than 200 seniors from 38 high schools throughout the state of Oklahoma. Home-schooled students also received awards. The university is still accepting scholarship applications for the upcoming school year.

“Cameron is committed to providing students a top quality education that is affordable,” says Jamie Glover, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management. “These students have distinguished themselves academically, and the university is proud to support them in their academic pursuits at Cameron University.”

Scholarship recipients who authorized publication of their names to date include:

Altus High School

Jonathan Carpenter, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Anadarko High School

Andrew Ahshapanek, Academic Merit Scholarship

Michaela Phillips, President’s Partners Scholarship

Apache High School

Emilee Coffin, President’s Partner’s Scholarship

Toby Isom, President’s Partners Scholarship

Bixby High School

Amber Smith, Academic Merit Scholarship

Bray-Doyle High School

Vicky Smith, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Bridge Creek High School

Kelsie-Ann Andrade, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Broken Arrow High School

Gold Chang, Academic Scholars Program

Cache High School

Alana Brown, Academic Merit Scholarship

Skyler Dabney, Freshman Scholarship

Lacey Daubenspeck, Valedictorian Scholarship

Caley Lampkin, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Cole Martin, Academic Merit Scholarship

Brandi McClellan, President's Partners Scholarship

Veronica Owens, Academic Merit Scholarship and Jim Nisbett Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Isaac Preast, President's Partners Scholarship

Jessica Scott, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Heather Wheeler, Academic Merit Scholarship

Carl Albert High School, Oklahoma City

Leann Everett, President’s Partners Scholarship

Central High School

Justin Childers, Red River Technology Center Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Shelbie Davis, President's Partners Scholarship

Kaylee DeForest, Valedictorian Scholarship

Kelsie Murphy, President’s Partners Scholarship

Celia Russell, President’s Partners Scholarship

Christa Sparks, Valedictorian Scholarship

Jarrett Sparks, Valedictorian Scholarship

Mathew Womack, President’s Partners Scholarship and Red River Technology Center Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Chattanooga High School

Dustin Baggs, President's Partners Scholarship

Mary Dickinson, Freshman Scholarship

Charles Dinkens, President’s Partners Scholarship

Harlee Dunham, President's Partners Scholarship

Travis Ervin, President's Partners Scholarship

Autumn Quickle, President’s Partners Scholarship

Choctaw High School

Josey Dennis, President's Partners Scholarship

Classen School of Advanced Studies, Oklahoma City

Maria Peruch, President’s Partners Scholarship

Comanche High School

Jonathan Robinson, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS) and Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Jenny Simpson, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Zachary Young, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Cyril High School

Kayla Carr, Valedictorian Scholarship

Morgan Dodson, President's Partners Scholarship

Autum Parks, President's Partners Scholarship

Del City High School

Courtney Dietz, President’s Partners Scholarship

Macy Garcia, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Duncan High School

Jasmine Afable, President's Partners Scholarship

Tommy Agee, Academic Excellence Scholarship

SaBree Cain, President’s Partners Scholarship

Sarah Dressler, President's Partners Scholarship

Alexa Goldsberry, Freshman Scholarship

Mikayla Harlow, President's Partners Scholarship

Khalia Milton, President's Partners Scholarship

Jenna Stowers, President's Partners Scholarship

Kimberly Watts, President's Partners Scholarship

Brieanna Webb, President's Partners Scholarship

Elgin High School

Cody Bailey, President's Partners Scholarship

Anthony Burrow, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Caitlin Carey, Freshman Scholarship

Kateri Christopher, Jim Nisbett Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Tiffany Gebhart, Academic Merit Scholarship

Madison Goodin, Academic Merit Scholarship

Haley Hill, President's Partners Scholarship

Kelly Knapp, President's Partners Scholarship

Kyla Langford, Academic Merit Scholarship

Krista Pylant, Academic Merit Scholarship

Austin Sadler, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Kaylee Sullivan, Academic Merit Scholarship

Alison Tate, President's Partners Scholarship

Shana Walch, Freshman Scholarship

Robecca Williams, President's Partners Scholarship

Eisenhower High School, Lawton

Chelsea Archer, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Alyssa Baca, President's Partners Scholarship

Barrett Baker, President's Partners Scholarship

Mark Bannon, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Michelle Bannon, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Emma Bellofatto, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Andres Berber, Academic Merit Scholarship

Victoria Boudiette, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Tyler Brandon, President's Partners Scholarship

Matthew Buck, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Eugenie Chang, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Kyle Cooper, President's Partners Scholarship

Chelsea Cummings, Academic Excellence Scholarship

David Ducre, Freshman Scholarship

Lyrics Goins, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Yanissa Hernandez, President's Partners Scholarship

William Irby, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Alexandra Kolinski, Freshman Scholarship

Heather Lapierre, Freshman Scholarship

Mckenzie Madigan, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Courtney Offield, Freshman Scholarship

Victoria Orndorff, President's Partners Scholarship

Patrick Perez, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Philip Pine, Freshman Scholarship

Trevor Powers, Academic Merit Scholarship

Hannah Prowinski, President's Partners Scholarship

Molly Routon, Academic Merit Scholarship

Jennifer Saville, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Megan Stottmann, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Shelby Waldron, President's Partners Scholarship

Empire High School

John-Dalton Balentine, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Kaylah Beebe, President’s Partners Scholarship

Fletcher High School

Joshua Bloomfield, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Brittany Davison, Freshman Scholarship

Fort Cobb/Broxton High School

Jake Hill, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Geronimo High School

Michaela Benke, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Sarah Muncy, President's Partners Scholarship

Ezekiel Oetinger, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Shauna Rickard, President's Partners Scholarship

Jerry Toombs, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Home Schooled

Mary Harrington, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Indiahoma High School

Raven Hitt, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Jessica Kenney, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Jade Kinder, Academic Merit Scholarship

Terrence Robinson, President's Partners Scholarship

Lawton Christian School

Kelsea Schlumbohm, President’s Partners Scholarship

Cody Walsh, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Lawton High School

Yaniela Caraballo, President's Partners Scholarship

Alexis Crupper, President's Partners Scholarship

Tiamara Drew, Freshman Scholarship

Mckenzie Grigg, Freshman Scholarship

Darius Jones, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Amber Latshaw, President’s Partners Scholarship

Elisha Lo, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Peyton McPherson, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Danielle Newman, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Daniel Pae, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Deizha Parkman, Freshman Scholarship

Tatyana Pillot, Freshman Scholarship

Raylee Reed, Academic Merit Scholarship

Kimberly Riedmann, President's Partners Scholarship

Christin Rodriguez, President's Partners Scholarship

Jacob Rohde, Freshman Scholarship

Tanya Salyers-Spangler, Academic Scholars Program

Kelsey Sheppard, President’s Partners

Taylor Shotts, Freshman Scholarship

Julian Weinert, Academic Merit Scholarship

Logan Wells, President's Partners Scholarship

MacArthur High School, Lawton

Joseph Anderson, Academic Excellence Scholarship

Tate Bolin, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Clayton Bowling, Freshman Scholarship

Bladen Brown, Freshman Scholarship

Anthony Burris, President's Partners Scholarship

Melissa Coy, President's Partners Scholarship

Lacey Flaig, Freshman Scholarship

Timothy Franklin, President's Partners Scholarship

Christopher Glenn, Freshman Scholarship

Cory Hankins, President's Partners Scholarship

Joshua Harper, President's Partners Scholarship

Jasmine Hill, Freshman Scholarship

Timothy Martin, President's Partners Scholarship

Alyzaies Olmeda, President's Partners Scholarship

Trevon Peavy, Freshman Scholarship

Kristine Rodriguez-Tosado, President's Partners Scholarship

Megan Skulski, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Gina Soto, Academic Merit Scholarship and Great Plains Technology Teacher Career Program Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Nabil Sukar, Academic Merit Scholarship

Charity Tabako, Freshman Scholarship

Torrie Whatley, President's Partners Scholarship

Makayla Workman, President's Partners Scholarship

Nicole Wright, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Mangum High School

Dixie Fricovsky, Academic Merit Scholarship

Marlow High School

Timothy Alaniz, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Emily Elroy, Salutatorian Scholarship

Sean Hazel, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

William Smith, Academic Merit Scholarship

Alexandria Stephens, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Mount St. Mary High School   

Mary Rice, President’s Partners Scholarship

Rush Springs High School

Dava Ballard, Academic Scholars Program

Snyder High School

Deshereon Gettens, President’s Partners Scholarship

Kristina Hill, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Cheyenne Madrid-Valenzuela, Academic Merit Scholarship

Jack McKee, President’s Partners Scholarship

Brittney Nolen, Freshman Scholarship

Clayton Thorn, Freshman Scholarship

Star Spencer High School

Cherion Hooks, President’s Partners Scholarship

Sterling High School

Kambron Bay, Academic Merit Scholarship

Curry Coleman, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS) and Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Mikayla Dees, President's Partners Scholarship

Kaden Hardzog, Valedictorian Scholarship

Skyler Hudson, Academic Scholars Program

Mickey Milam, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Kelsee Mitchell (Monroe), Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Daniel Nunley, President's Partners Scholarship

Tyler Reavis, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (RUBS)

Shelbi Smith, Academic Merit Scholarship

Trevyn Woolbright, President’s Partners Scholarship

Walters High School

Brandi Crew, President's Partners Scholarship

Riley King, Freshman Scholarship

Chelby Mansel, President’s Partners Scholarship

Tyler McCartney, President’s Partners Scholarship

Carleen Penrod, President’s Partners Scholarship

Waurika High School

Taylor Salazar, President's Partners Scholarship

For information about scholarships and other financial aid, contact the Cameron University Office of Financial Assistance at 580-581-2293 or


June 4, 2013

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