Cameron University reports fall enrollment figures

Preliminary figures indicate that overall enrollment at Cameron University will dip by two to three percent this semester. University officials anticipated a slight decline given the historic enrollment growth experienced in recent years as well as an improved economy.

“This small decrease in enrollment was not unexpected,” explains President John McArthur. “The university plays a vital role in supporting our community and its economy. When there is an economic downturn and workers are displaced, the university has the opportunity to help those individuals learn new skills for improved employment opportunities in the future. We are pleased when our students use what they have learned at Cameron to make a better life for themselves.”

While overall enrollment is down, several important enrollment sectors show an increase. This fall, the number of first-time freshmen is on the rise, bringing more than 800 new students to campus. About 25 percent of 2013 high school graduates from Comanche and Stephens counties are enrolled at Cameron in this year’s freshman class. This is one quarter of all graduates, not just those who choose to attend college.

“The focus for the freshman class will be, ‘Graduation Starts Today,’” says McArthur. “These freshmen will benefit from a campus-wide focus working to ensure that these freshmen do more than just make it through their first semesters. We will set them on a path that culminates with the attainment of a college degree.”

Concurrent enrollment – current high school students who are also enrolled in college classes at Cameron – is also on the rise. More than 250 students enrolled concurrently this fall, representing a more than eight percent increase over last year.

Graduate enrollment is also up more than two percent over last year, continuing a trend that began in 2008.

Because enrollment for the fall semester continues, final enrollment numbers will continue to fluctuate until the end of the semester.