Cameron University art student finds success In online art exhibition

Two works by Cameron University art student Manda Shae Dickinson were accepted into an international juried exhibition recently. “Basic” and “Eat Happy,” 4’x4’ oil paintings on plywood, were selected for inclusion in an online exhibition by Projeckt30, an online art community dedicated to promoting contemporary artists and modern art. The theme of the show was "food" in all its aspects.

photo of painting

“Shae is an extremely intelligent, talented and creative artist who is skilled in a wide range of traditional and digital mediums,” says Monika Linehan, Associate Professor of Art. “Her artwork contains subject matter that is unique and often edgy and explores contemporary cultural and societal issues. I am thrilled to have her as my painting student and am very proud of her accomplishments.”

Dickinson, a junior from Lawton, is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art with an emphasis in painting. In her artist’s statement, she says, “I grew up in a strange time. Fast food wasn’t considered that dangerous yet, the internet was becoming more accessible – I grew up in a world where people were beginning to get to know each other better through tiny screens than in person. Fast forward to today, and it isn’t uncommon to have different levels of online friendships that exist only through information and data – and we eat it all up. I’ve combined this experience with commentary on the fast food industry as it can be seen from a helpless/frustrated perspective and a message to others who have noted the bizarre grip food places have on today‘s typical diet, as well as how technology has noticeably changed our social lives from what it was just 20 years ago.”


May 13, 2013