Artwork by Cameron University student accepted for exhibit

A lithograph by Cameron University student Jonathan Daoang was accepted into the “Endangered Species” exhibit sponsored by Off The Map Tattoo in Grants Pass, Ore. Daoang, a senior majoring in studio art, incorporated elements of his Filipino heritage into “Oni Totem,” a 22”x30” of artwork

“The Oni Totem piece consists of flowers, goat horns and rope which are all ties to my culture in one way or another,” Daoang says. “The flowers are naturalistic and soft on the eyes versus the rough bones on which they rest. Broken ropes lay on textured horns. Hard tusks penetrate fleshy tongues. All of these contrasting textures add visual interest. When I decided to make a totem pole, the most important thing was to be dynamic with my characters. Although the image is frontal on the picture plane, I wanted to ensure that the composition was interesting, so I employed foreshortening, multiple areas of texture, and layered features.”

The exhibit will be on display through late November and features works from numerous media by artists across the country. Each piece in the exhibition will be made into a digital print that will be sold at the shop’s Tattoo Day. All proceeds will benefit Wildlife Images, a wildlife animal rescue. Daoang’s original lithograph, “Oni Totem,” will also be available for purchase.


November 7, 2013