Cameron University awards scholarships to high school seniors throughout Oklahoma

Cameron University in Lawton has awarded academic scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year to more than 230 seniors from 46 high schools throughout the state of Oklahoma. Home-schooled students also received awards. The university is still accepting scholarship applications for the upcoming school year.

“For the past four years, Cameron University has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report’s ‘Best Colleges’ ranking in the top three for students graduating with the least amount of debt,” says Jamie Glover, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management. “As part of our commitment to ensuring that financial challenges do not prevent a student from getting a top-quality education, Cameron has increased tuition waivers and university scholarships by 18 percent over the past three years and by 156 percent in the past 10 years. We are proud to note that approximately 68 percent of Cameron graduates complete their degree work with no debt.”

Scholarship recipients who authorized publication of their names to date are listed by high school.

Alex High School: 

Alex Helm, President's Partners Scholarship

Altus High School: 

Shelby Baker, Freshman Scholarship


Austin Kendrix, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Apache High School: 

Jaylon Austin, Freshman Scholarship


Raegan Head, President's Partners Scholarship

Big Pasture High School:

Jennifer Landers, President's Partners Scholarship


Bradey Mitchell, Academic Merit Scholarship


Brianna Thorbergson, Academic Merit Scholarship

Binger-Oney High School: 

Griffin Saunders, Academic Merit Scholarship

Bray-Doyle High School:

Brandi Connelly, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Jordan Smith, Valedictorian Scholarship

Cache High School:

Mariama Abramson, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Madison Demarcus, President's Partners Scholarship


Brianna Hall, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship


Brandy Halley, Academic Merit Scholarship


Chad Hobbs, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Kristen LaSorsa, President's Partners Scholarship


Kelsey Lehr, Valedictorian Scholarship


Selena Lopez, Freshman Scholarship


Kristian Sharkey, Freshman Scholarship


Ashley Smith, Freshman Scholarship


Conner Sullins, Valedictorian Scholarship

Central High School: 

Kimber Payne. Freshman Scholarship


Nikole Repp, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Chattanooga High School:

Jaime Brown, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship/Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Stetson Cheek, Academic Merit Scholarship


Zackery Ervin, Freshman Scholarship


Haley Erwin, Freshman Scholarship


Lacey Gretsinger, Academic Merit Scholarship


Nikki Kirk, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


James Pool, President's Partners Scholarship


Justin Rose, Academic Merit Scholarship


Hunter Wurtz, Academic Merit Scholarship

Chickasha High School: 

Destiny Richardson, President's Partners Scholarship

Comanche High School: 

Jessica Chapman, Academic Scholars Program


Caitlyn Morrison, President's Partners Scholarship


Anthony Robinson, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Courtney Wright, Academic Scholars Program

Cyril High School: 

Mike Fletcher, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Kelsey Mathias, President's Partners Scholarship


Sweta Patel, President's Partners Scholarship


Brigette Thompson, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Duncan High School: 

Rebecca Bowman, Academic Merit Scholarship


Kendall Carnahan, Freshman Scholarship


Edgar Diaz, President's Partners Scholarship


Travis Frost, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Jordan Hurst, President's Partners Scholarship


Brittany Lee, President's Partners Scholarship


Megan Mitchell, President's Partners Scholarship


Amanda Owens, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Renea Plumlee (Lawler), President's Partners Scholarship


Madison Taylor, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Eisenhower High School 

Elissa Broadaway, Regional University Baccalaureate




Jennifer Crabtree, President's Partners Scholarship


Alexandra Cunningham, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Brittany Curtis, Freshman Scholarship


Linsey Dees, President’s Partners Scholarship


Darius Dixon, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Rachna Dy, Freshman Scholarship


Brandon Ellis, President’s Partners Scholarship


Anthony Gustave, Academic Merit Scholarship


Kurstan Hampton, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship


Stephen Henson, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Joon Jeong, Freshman Scholarship


Moises Lujan, Academic Merit Scholarship


Sara Martin, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship


Jihyo Park, Freshman Scholarship


Victoria Roman, Lamont N. Wilson ROTC Matching Scholarship


Brandon Selstad, Academic Merit Scholarship


Tyresha Spratt, President’s Partners Scholarship


Sherief Stafford, President’s Partners Scholarship


Princess Tarectecan, Freshman Scholarship


Kacy Totte, Academic Merit Scholarship


Tanner Weston, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship


Jordan Williams, President’s Partners Scholarship


Tamara Wright, President’s Partners Scholarship

Elgin High School:

Ashley Brinck, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Lisa Crough, Freshman Scholarship


Carlos Dominguez, President’s Partners Scholarship


Alexis Elefante, Freshman Scholarship


Taylor Jennings, Freshman Scholarship


Shalina Julian, President’s Partners Scholarship


Tiffany Logue, Academic Merit Scholarship


Shannon Looney, President’s Partners Scholarship


Aubrey Massey, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Shawn Mietchen, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


David Propes, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Gage Rettmann, Freshman Scholarship


Hayley Williams, Academic Merit Scholarship

Empire High School:

Mikka McClain, President’s Partners Scholarship

Fletcher High School:

Heather Bivans, President’s Partners Scholarship


Dreama Black, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship


Matthew Chebahtah, Academic Merit Scholarship


Staci Kirkpatrick, Freshman Scholarship


Allison Sain, Freshman Scholarship

Frederick High School: 

Devyn Horton, Jim Nisbett Tuition Waiver Scholarship


Ashlee Johnson, President’s Partners Scholarship


Kylie McFall, Academic Merit Scholarship


Adrianna Milks, President’s Partners Scholarship

Ft. Cobb-Broxton High School: 

Sira Marquez, President’s Partners Scholarship

Geronimo High School:

Taylor Allen, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship


Jessica Ingrum, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship

Grove High School:

Seth Carper, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship

Harding Charter Preparatory


High School (OKC):

Tabitha Kizzar, President’s Partners Scholarship

Hobart High School:

Nicholas Tate, Academic Merit Scholarship

Hollis High School:

Liana Mingura, Freshman Scholarship

Home School: 

Tristin Holt, Freshman Scholarship


Philip Worthen, Academic Merit Scholarship

Indiahoma High School:

Brittany Blakesley, President’s Partners Scholarship


Noah Copeland, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship


Casey Curtsinger, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship


Alec Ernce, President’s Partners Scholarship


Brya Hannabass, President’s Partners Scholarship

Lawton High School:

Lauren Barrett, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Brandon Bartlett, Academic Merit Scholarship


Ashley Brown, Academic Merit Scholarship


Lacey Cervantez, Academic Merit Scholarship


Justin Coble, Freshman Scholarship


Kerra Diaz, President’s Partners Scholarship


Chywatt Dy, Freshman Scholarship


Brittany Evans, President’s Partners Scholarship


Jessica Fernandez, Freshman Scholarship


Kayla Hall, Freshman Scholarship


Robert Luera, President’s Partners Scholarship


Taylor Medrano, President’s Partners Scholarship


Sarah Milles, Freshman Scholarship


Janette Morales Herrera, President’s Partners Scholarship


Ashley Nix, President’s Partners Scholarship


Courtney Parrish, Freshman Scholarship


Armanti Ravnell, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Sammar Shahid, President’s Partners Scholarship


Kristina Stasheen, President’s Partners Scholarship

Lone Wolf High School: 

Adam Coffey, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship

MacArthur High School   

Courtney Barden, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Catherine Bausch, Academic Merit Scholarship


Tiffany Belter, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Lindsey Blachford, Jim Nisbett Tuition Waiver Scholarship


Ashley Butler, President’s Partners Scholarship


LeAnn Calhoun, Freshman Scholarship


Shae Calhoun, Freshman Scholarship


Laqueata Clark, President’s Partners Scholarship


Davis Colley, Academic Merit Scholarship


Jake Conner, Academic Merit Scholarship


Alicia Del Ciello, President’s Partners Scholarship


Alexis Dixon, President’s Partners Scholarship


Andre Dozier, President’s Partners Scholarship


Sabrina Duran, President’s Partners Scholarship


Michael Dykes, Academic Merit Scholarship


Erin English, Academic Merit Scholarship


Brandon Finch, Academic Merit Scholarship


Alexandra Flowers, President’s Partners Scholarship


Seane Gibbs, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Marcel Glascoe, President’s Partners Scholarship


Chelsea Hall, President’s Partners Scholarship


Tony Henderson, President’s Partners Scholarship


Samantha Hogue, President’s Partners Scholarship


Daniele Hunter, President’s Partners Scholarship


Brittany James, Freshman Scholarship


Seth John, President’s Partners Scholarship


Allegra King, President’s Partners Scholarship


Casey LaRoche, Academic Merit Scholarship


Jacob Martin, Academic Merit Scholarship


Madisen Martinez, President’s Partners Scholarship


Jamal McKinney, Freshman Scholarship


Jennifer Morrison, Academic Merit Scholarship


Devin Newsom, Freshman Scholarship


Danielle Parrish, Freshman Scholarship


Kayla Pennington, President’s Partners Scholarship


Stephen Rice, Academic Scholars Program


Madison Rittenhouse, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Mivielis Rivera, President’s Partners Scholarship


Kathryn Robinson, Academic Merit Scholarship


Stephen Roloff, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Lauren Scheid, President’s Partners Scholarship


Meagan Scott, President’s Partners Scholarship


Paul Smith, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Brandon Strange, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Danielle Sweetser, Academic Excellence Scholarship


McKenzie Talley, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Morgan Thompson, President’s Partners Scholarship


Kelli Torres, President’s Partners Scholarship


Ashley Walker, President’s Partners Scholarship


Emily Wallace, President’s Partners Scholarship


Arieane Wilkerson, Academic Merit Scholarship

Mangum High School: 

Rosemary Otworth, President’s Partners Scholarship

Marlow High School: 

Haleigh Hines, Academic Scholars Program


Molli Price, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Austin Tinney, President’s Partners Scholarship

Moore High School: 

Andrew Ross, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Morris High School: 

Megan DeTurk, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Mountain View/Gotebo High



Makayla Rafferty, President’s Partners Scholarship

Norman High School:

Alysa Hooper, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship/Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Lauren Schrank, President’s Partners Scholarship

Oklahoma School for the


Blind (Muskogee): 

Cammie Loehr, President’s Partners Scholarship

Ponca City High School: 

Casey Meek, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Rush Springs High School: 

Amanda Bewley, President’s Partners Scholarship


Ashly Conley, Freshman Scholarship

Snyder High School:

Ryann Ervin, Academic Merit Scholarship


Madison Geiger, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Star Spencer High School:

Kenya Burris, President’s Partners Scholarship


Breionna Hayes, President’s Partners Scholarship

Sterling High School: 

Kaitlyn Bridges, Academic Merit Scholarship


Jenny Dodson, Laura Fields Trust Scholarship


Jesse Dodson, Freshman Scholarship


Carli Miller, President’s Partners Scholarship


Jacob Quickle, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Taylor Schettler, Academic Scholars Program

Temple High School:

Brittin Lipscomb, President’s Partners Scholarship

Tipton High School: 

Kerry White, Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship/Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Tishomingo High School

Macheala Adkison, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)

Walters High School: 

Brandon Copass, President’s Partners Scholarship


Victoria Mason, Academic Excellence Scholarship


Harley Pennington, Presidential Leaders & University Scholars (PLUS)


Kari Roberts, President’s Partners Scholarship


Austin Stinebiser, President’s Partners Scholarship

Waurika High School: 

Megan Medlinger, Freshman Scholarship


For information about scholarships and other financial aid, contact the Cameron University Office of Financial Assistance at 580-581-2293 or


May 21, 2012

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