Cameron University releases “Plan 2018: Values Driven, Action Oriented”

Cameron University has released “Plan 2018: Values Driven, Action Oriented,” a long-term strategic plan designed to guide Cameron University’s growth, development and the allocation of its resources for five years beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year. The planning document was approved by the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents earlier today during its meeting on the Cameron campus. “Plan 2018” can be viewed in its entirety on the Cameron website at

“Cameron’s vision for the next five years – the concept for ‘Plan 2018’ – is a university rooted in values and driven to put those values into action,” says President Cindy Ross. “The process of evaluating ‘Plan 2013,’  Cameron’s existing strategic document, and preparing for its next strategic plan involved a thorough, year-long review of recent progress and growth yet to come, led by Dr. Chris Keller, Associate Professor of Communication. ‘Plan 2018’ is certain to produce the growth and progress now synonymous with Cameron University.”

 “Plan 2018: Values Driven, Action Oriented,” Cameron’s third strategic plan, builds upon the foundation and successes of Cameron’s first two strategic plans, “Plan 2008: Preparing for Cameron University’s Second Century” and “Plan 2013: Choices for the Second Century.”

The planning process for “Plan 2018,” initiated in September 2011, included a comprehensive assessment of the progress to date on “Plan 2013” goals. The resulting “Plan 2013: Choices for the Second Century Status Report” offers an account of the status of all Plan 2013 action items and served as background for the development of the new strategic plan.

“Plan 2018” was created through a yearlong planning process that solicited inputs from all Cameron stakeholders: students, faculty, staff and community members. The resulting plan stems from Cameron’s six core values: Student Learning; Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship, Service and Mentoring; Leadership in Our Community and Region; Shared Governance; Diversity; and Responsible Stewardship of Public and Private Resources, the Public Trust and Cameron’s Future. These values continue to drive every decision at Cameron University.

“Plan 2018” contains 42 action items that support the six core values and will move the university forward. Highlights include:

Value One: Student Learning:

  • Implement a comprehensive plan to meet the ambitious goals of Complete College America
  • Develop and implement academic enrichment opportunities, including undergraduate student research, study abroad, service learning, and more
  • Construct a laboratory facility to fully integrate science courses at CU-Duncan

Value Two: Excellence in Teaching, Scholarships, Service and Mentoring

  • Continue to build academic distinction in the areas of Communication, Criminal Justice and Information Technology, and add the areas of Foreign Languages, General Education and Teacher Education.
  • Develop and implement a Professional Counseling Clinic for practicum training for students

Value Three: Leadership Our Community and Region

  • Stimulate economic and business development in Southwest Oklahoma and serve Fort Sill and the military community

Value Four: Shared Governance

  • Ensure a student-centered campus committed to student success
  • Demonstrate a service-minded attitude and commitment to student needs

Value Five: Diversity

  • Ensure Cameron University remains affordable for students
  • Add one or two athletic programs consistent with Title IX requirements and Lone Star Conference requirements
  • Study the need for and feasibility of providing childcare on campus

Value Six: Responsible Stewardship of Public and Private Resources, the Public Trust and Cameron’s Future

  • Focus resources to achieve optimal student learning
  • Providing accountability in key areas including student learning and management of resources
  • Make steady progress toward the implementation of “Campus Master Plan 2025”

Throughout the document, seven cross-cutting themes are evident: accountability, communication, learner focused, efficiency, planning, responsiveness and transparency. These themes sharpen the university’s focus and intent.

“For five consecutive years beginning with academic year 2013-2014, ‘Plan 2018’ will be the standard against which all campus initiatives are measured,” says Ross. “It will ensure the university continues to grow in a direction that has been thoughtfully planned and is both values driven and action oriented.”



September 20, 2012