Cameron University to revise meal plan options

Following approval earlier today by the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents, Cameron University will revise meal plan options for students who reside on campus effective July 1, 2012. Three new meal plan options will be added, and three existing options will be eliminated. The change in meal plan options follows extensive discussions between students, the university’s food service provider, and university administrators to determine the optimal plan types as to the numbers of meals per week and block meals per semester versus amount of flexible dollars.

“As part of ensuring residential students access to balanced and nutritional meals, they are required to participate in Cameron University’s food service program,” says Jennifer Holland, Vice President for Student Services. “Input was solicited from student residents to determine if the existing meal plans met their needs. Based on these discussions, we determined that changing the meal plans offered was necessary to better meet the needs of our students.”

The following changes in meal plans have been approved:

Add:                                                                 2012-13 Rate

10 Meals Per Week and $150 Flex                      $1,190     (Shepler Hall and Cameron Village residents)

5 Meals Per Week and $230 Flex                        $   700     (Cameron Village residents)

4 Meals Per Week and $120 Flex                        $   500     (Cameron Village residents)

Eliminate:                                                           Previously approved 2012-13 Rate

10 Meals Per Week                                            $1,080     (Shepler Hall and Cameron Village residents)

60 Block Meals Per Semester and $225 Flex       $1,190     (Shepler Hall and     Cameron Village residents)

140 Block Meals Per Semester and $50 Flex       $1,190     (Shepler Hall and Cameron Village residents)

With the above changes for food services, Cameron students will continue to pay less than most students at comparable universities. Recently, U.S. News and World Report’s Short List of “10 Colleges with the Least Expensive Room and Board” recognized Cameron’s average rate for room and board during the 2011-12 academic year as the second-lowest in the nation and 58.5 percent less than the national average of $9,047.

Students residing in the Shepler residence halls are required to purchase a full board plan, and students living in Cameron Village are required to purchase a minimal dining plan. Cameron Village residents have the option to choose either the dining/convenience plan with a flexible dollar account or a traditional board plan.

For information on Cameron University housing, contact the Office of Housing at 580-581-2392.


May 10, 2012