Cameron students create video presentations for 6th Annual Eye Candy Awards Celebration

Cameron University students Kelsey M. Alden-Cox, Nicholas E. Hancox, Son-Myong Park, all of Lawton; and Chad A. Hearrell, Apache, designed and developed three state-of-the-art video presentations for the Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority’s (LETA) 6th Annual Eye Candy Awards Celebration. The videos were aired as part of the award ceremony in early December.

The students, each of whom is majoring in multimedia design, completed the professional project under the guidance of Dr. Abbas Johari, Professor of Multimedia Design.

photo of cameron students

Jay Burk, Chairman of LETA, recognized the students’ contribution to the ceremony’s success in his written acknowledgements in the celebration’s program booklet. He cited the Cameron students, “who have made our ‘WOW’ moment a reality.”


January 13, 2012