Cameron University completes “Campus Master Plan 2025”

Cameron University has completed “Campus Master Plan 2025,” the university’s guiding architectural document for the future. The strategic planning process to create “Campus Master Plan 2025” began in 2011, sooner than expected, because most of the recommendations for “Campus Master Plan 2015” were completed. The new plan was presented to the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents earlier today.

“During our planning process, we realized that Cameron’s Campus Master Plan must be updated sooner than expected to hasten plans and progress for Cameron’s future,” says Cameron President Cindy Ross. “Over the course of one year, ‘Campus Master Plan 2025’ was developed under the able leadership of Dr. Matt Jenkins, Professor of Communication. ‘Campus Master Plan 2025’ builds upon the successes of ‘Campus Master Plan 2015.’”

In developing “Campus Master Plan 2025,” inputs were solicited from all Cameron stakeholders—faculty, staff, students and community members. Additionally, progress from “Campus Master Plan 2015” was thoroughly reviewed, and the vision and goals for Cameron’s future growth were discussed, planned, and prioritized.

Highlights of the new master plan include:

  • Constructing a new library and a general classroom and faculty offices building
  • Establishing the 38th Street entrance as the new, main campus entry point
  • Adding an extension to Cameron Village
  • Relocating Physical Facilities
  • Demolishing two campus facilities that are nearing the end of their service lives (Nance-Boyer Hall and Conwill Hall) and planting new green space
  • Adding iconic features such as a clock tower plaza and miscellaneous improvements including a stronger way-finding system, a cohesive signage system, and additional lighting
  • Enhancing campus circulation by moving more campus parking to the periphery

Ross cites three primary factors for the update: a desire to incorporate suggestions made from the successful 10-year accreditation review; the completion of a significant number of the “Campus Master Plan 2015” recommendations; and the substantial transformation of Cameron’s Lawton campus through more than $60 million in capital improvements over the last eight years.

“Cameron University boasts a top-quality education and a comprehensive collegiate experience,” says Ross. “’Campus Master Plan 2025’ continues this remarkable, pace-setting record of change by ensuring that progress touches all aspects of campus life.”



September 20, 2012