CU math professor authors new textbook

Dr. Ioannis K. Argyros, Cameron University Professor of Mathematical Sciences, is the author of “Advances on Iterative Procedures,” a new mathematics textbook. The volume has been published by Nova Science Publishers as part of its Mathematics Research Developments series. The 442-page volume is available in hardcover at

For the textbook, Argyros conducted new research related to numerical methods for solving equations. The volume is designed to assist researchers, practitioners and students to efficiently utilize numerical methods for approximating solutions of equations resulting from the study of real life problems arising in biosciences, engineering, mathematical programming, optimization, mathematical physics and mathematical economics.

Cameron student Shobhakhar Adhikari, a senior mathematics major from Pokhara, Nepal, assisted in Argyros’ research, then collaborated with Argyros to author a paper extracted from the book. They also presented a poster during Oklahoma Research Day last November.

Born in Greece and a naturalized U.S. citizen since 1993, Argyros received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Athens, then earned a Master of Science degree as well as a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Georgia. He joined the Cameron faculty in 1990.

Argyros has published 21 books/monographs and more than 700 peer-reviewed articles on computational mathematics. Additionally, he also serves on the editorial boards of 23 mathematical journals. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Research Award from the Southwest Advanced Technology Association.


January 25, 2012