Cameron University to host state meeting of American Chemical Society

Cameron University will host the Oklahoma state meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), bringing together the five ACS sections which have members who reside in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri on Saturday, March 17. The theme of the meeting, which is sponsored by the Cameron University Department of Physical Sciences and the Wichita Falls-Duncan section of ACS, is “Energy for a Bright Future.” Current ACS President Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri will present "Science is Fun and the Joy of Learning" featuring chemical demonstrations and a chemical magic show at 9 a.m. in the McCasland Ballroom of the McMahon Centennial Complex. His presentation is open to the public at no charge.

Registration will be available on-site for those wishing to attend additional sessions. The cost is $50 for ACS members, $55 for non-members, and $20 for students, spouses and pre-college teachers.

photo of Dr. ShakhashiriDr. Shakhashiri is the William T. Evjue Distinguished Chair for the Wisconsin Idea Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin. He has given more than 1,300 invited lectures and presentations around the world and has been featured in internationally recognized media outlets including The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, the German-language Business Week, “NBC Nightly News,” National Public Radio, CNN, and “The Larry King Show.”

Other sessions of interest will be presented by Dr. Lloyd Sumner and Dr. Lance Lobban.

Dr. Sumner will present “Integrated Large-Scale Biochemical Profiling Provides Novel Insight into Plants” at 2 p.m. in Room 100 of the Sciences Complex. He earned a B.S. in chemistry and mathematics from Cameron University in 1989 and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Oklahoma State University in 1993. A research scientist in the Plant Biology Division at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore, his research focuses on the large-scale profiling of plant proteins and metabolites (proteomics and metabolomics) which provide greater insight into the physical and chemical consequences of gene expression and system responses to genetic and environmental perturbations.  

Dr. Lobban will serve as the luncheon speaker with his presentation, “The Potential for Biofuels in the Oklahoma Energy Picture,” at 12:45 p.m. in the McCasland Ballroom. He is the Francis W. Winn Chair of Chemical Engineering and Director of the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. His areas of expertise are chemical reaction engineering and catalysis, and he has directed research programs related to biomass conversion to biofuels, catalytic and plasma conversion of natural gas to liquid fuels and chemicals, photocatalytic oxidation, and modeling of solid oxide fuel cells. 

Prior to Dr. Lobban’s presentation, the Oklahoma Chemist Award will be presented to a chemist in Oklahoma who has made outstanding contributions to the science and to the state of Oklahoma.

The meeting will also feature professional papers and posters by more than 100 chemists or chemical engineers on areas related to chemistry or chemical engineering. 

For more information, contact the Cameron University Department of Physical Sciences at 580-581-2308.


March 12, 2012