Cameron University announces housing, board rates for 2011-12

Following approval earlier today by the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents, Cameron University has set housing and board rates for FY 2012. Rates for residential apartments in Cameron Village and residence hall rooms in the Shepler Center will increase 2.5 percent. This is only the third increase for housing in the past eight years. Rates for board and commuter meal plans will also increase 2.5 percent. The new rates are effective August 1, 2011.

 “Cameron’s University’s housing and board rates remain extremely competitive when compared to rates at other universities across the state,” says Cameron President Cindy Ross. “While we make every effort to keep costs affordable for Cameron students, minimal increases in housing and board rates are unavoidable if we are to maintain and upgrade our facilities and provide quality meal programs. Fortunately, we have been able to avoid housing increases for five of the last eight years.”

Cameron’s on-campus housing facilities have been filled to capacity for the past two years, and the demand continues to grow. To meet that increased demand, an additional floor in Shepler will be converted from office space to residential use during Summer 2011. The new rooms will be offered as either single or double occupancy rooms.

“More Cameron students than ever are interested in living in campus housing,” says Jennifer Holland, Vice President for Student Services. “Students who live on campus enjoy a very full collegiate experience, convenient access to campus services and activities, and the opportunity to build a lasting connection to Cameron.”

Current and proposed semester rates are:
  Current Rates 2010-2011Proposed IncreaseNew Rates 2011-2012
Shepler, 4-Person, 3-room Suite $800.00 $20.00 $820.00
Shepler, 3-Person, 3-room Suite (small)       900.00   23.00     923.00
Shepler, 3-Person, 3-room Suite (large)    1,100.00   28.00  1,128.00
Shepler, 2-Person, 3-room Suite 1,200.00 30.00 1230.00
Shepler, Double 593.00 15.00 608.00
Shepler, Single 989.00 25.00 1,014.00
CV, 4-Bedroom Apartment – 9 month    2,128.50 (*)   53.50  2,182.00
CV, 4-Bedroom Apartment – 12 month    1,818.00 (*)   45.00  1,863.00
Summer 1,212.00(*) 30.00 1,242.00
CV, 2-Bedroom Apartment – 9 month    2,479.50 (*)   61.50  2,541.00
CV, 2-Bedroom Apartment – 12 month    2,173.50 (*)   54.50  2,228.00
Summer  1,449.00 (*)  36.00 1,485.00
 (*)  For comparative purposes, current monthly rates have been converted to semester rates.

The increase in board and commuter plans will ensure access to quality food at times convenient to students and will offset increases in costs associated with the university’s food service contract. It is essential that residential students have access to balance and nutritional meals. The dining convenience plan is not affected by this increase.

Board and commuter rates, per semester, for FY 2012 will be:
Plan TypeCurrent Rates 2010-2011Proposed IncreaseNew Rates 2011-2012
10 Meals Per Week $1,015 $ 25 $1,040
8 Meals Per Week & $225 Flex 1,120 28 1,148
15 Meals Per Week & $50 Flex 1,120 28 1,148
60 Block Meals Per Semester & $225 Flex 1,120 28 1,148
140 Block Meals Per Semester & $50 Flex 1,120 28 1,148
Commuter – 10 Meals 52 1 53
Commuter – 30 Meals 147 4 151
Dining/Convenience Plan 350 0 350

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January 26, 2011

PR# 11-008