Cameron University campus to become tobacco-free in August 2011

Following approval today by the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents, Cameron University will implement a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy effective August 1, 2011. The policy was developed following a Fall 2009 resolution calling for a smoke-free campus that was passed by Cameron's Student Government Association and was subsequently endorsed by the university's Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate recommended that Cameron become tobacco-free.

"Creating a healthy living and learning environment is a major commitment at Cameron University," says Cameron University President Cindy Ross. "In Spring 2009, the university instituted ‘A Healthier CU in Century II,' a comprehensive initiative designed to spotlight the importance of health and wellness. Cameron students are the core of Cameron's mission, so it is appropriate that the university implement this student-led initiative banning tobacco use on campus."

Cameron's Tobacco-Free Campus Policy bans the use, sale or distribution of tobacco products on campus. Additionally, the policy states that no university publication shall accept any form of advertising of tobacco products, that no organization sanctioned by the university shall accept money or sponsorships from companies or other entities engaged in the manufacture of tobacco products, and that the university will not accept gifts or grants from tobacco companies.

In addition to providing periodic tobacco-use cessation programs for students, faculty and staff who wish to participate, Cameron makes available appropriate educational resources and activities concerning the harmful health consequences of tobacco use.

The U.S. Surgeon General has found that tobacco use in any form, active and/or passive, is a significant health hazard, a finding supported by the American College Health Association (ACHA). ACHA encourages colleges and universities to be diligent in their efforts to achieve a tobacco-free environment. As of February 2010, 223 colleges and universities had implemented tobacco-free campus policies.


May 13, 2010