Cameron to benefit from legislation supporting State Regents matching endowment program

Thanks to the passage of a bill earlier this spring, officials at Cameron University are anticipating the receipt of matching funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for endowed faculty positions that have been established by Cameron supporters in recent years. The funding became possible following the enactment of HB3031, signed by Governor Brad Henry, which restructures a May 2008 $100 million bond issue to generate additional resources. This will reduce a backlog of almost $365 million in the state’s endowment program for Oklahoma colleges and universities. Cameron’s portion of the backlog amounts to $1.02 million.

“Oklahoma’s legislators are to be commended for their commitment to higher education and the endowed faculty matching program,” says Cameron President Cindy Ross. “These endowed positions are vital to the quality education that Cameron is known for, and we are deeply appreciative of the elected officials who made this program a priority during the recent legislative session despite the State’s economic hardships.”

Cameron boasts 73 endowed faculty positions, more than any other regional university in the state. Endowed faculty positions provide Cameron with the resources necessary to make a direct contribution to the quality of teaching and learning at Cameron, enabling academic endeavors that would not otherwise be possible. With the enactment of HB3031, two endowed chairs and 18 endowed lectureships will be matched. In addition, supplemental contributions to 18 other endowed lectureships are eligible to receive matching funds.

Through the program, matching funds will be added to the principal for each of the endowed positions. Investment income from the endowment accounts will be utilized for a variety of educational and research projects involving Cameron students and faculty.

Endowments are gifts that are held in perpetuity and invested to provide a stable funding source. Endowment donors have a lasting influence on Cameron students and frequently utilize an endowment to honor or memorialize loved ones, friends, colleagues, teachers or other individuals. Donors have the ability to designate the academic area in which the endowment is used.

For details on establishing an endowed faculty position at Cameron University, contact the Office of University Advancement at 581-2999.




July 6 2010