Cameron University faculty member releases latest children’s book

Cameron University's Dr. George Edward Stanley is celebrating the publication of his latest book, "Medical Marvels." The 96-page volume, released by Sterling Publishing, is aimed at children ages 10-12. "Medical Marvels" guides kids through the most curious medical conditions that science has to offer, including rare medical conditions, virulent viruses, and more. It is the latest book in the blockbuster Mysteries Unwrapped series.

image of Medical marvels book cover"I had such a fun time with ‘Medical Marvels,'" says Stanley. "Kids today have a heightened awareness of medical anomalies thanks to the media and the internet. My goal was to present the medical and scientific facts in an informative yet easy-to-understand manner, and the illustrations play a key role in making that possible."

"Medical Marvels" was illustrated by award-winning artist Josh Cochran.

Stanley is a professor of African and Middle-Eastern Languages and Linguistics in the CU Department of English and Foreign Languages. A former Fulbright scholar who has lived and taught in both Europe and Africa, he has written more than 200 short stories and articles in major linguistics journals, and more than 100 children's books.



January 26, 2010

PR# 10-008