Cameron University Advertising Class completes Chevy Cruze project

Students in Dr. Derik Steyn’s Fall 2010 advertising class at Cameron University found themselves learning from more than textbooks and lectures. The class was invited by the Red River Chevy Dealers Association to develop an advertising plan that would introduce the new Chevy Cruze sedan to the local market. Students were given a fictitious budget of $100,000 and asked to develop and present an advertising plan to the association that detailed how they would advertise the Chevy Cruze. The project served as a practical exercise for students to apply the concepts they learned in the class.

“This project was a great opportunity for students to apply in practice what they learn in the classroom,” says Steyn. “It is a very good example of how students at Cameron University can benefit from interaction with industry to enrich their learning experience, while businesses can benefit from the expertise and creativity available locally.”

Amun Thapa, a senior marketing major from Kathmandu, Nepal, was one of the students who participated in preparing the advertising plan. “This project was a great learning opportunity,” he says. “It was not just about advertisement but marketing as a whole. From the start, I got to apply various marketing concepts in this project. While creating our advertisements, we utilized concepts from our textbook, and we got to use the strategies given in the book and implement them during our project.”

In late November, the class presented its plan to six Red River Chevy dealers and a representative from the association’s advertising agency. The feedback was impressive, as the review panel cited the creativity of the Cameron University campaign and how the proposed plan provided Chevy dealers with continuity for their other product lines. The Cameron class also received accolades for the research they conducted, the documentation they produced to communicate their plan to the dealers and the professional way in which the students presented their plan.




December 14, 2010