Results of Cameron University’s 2009 Young Learners Science Exposition announced

Cameron University's Departments of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Education recently hosted the 2009 Young Learners Science Exposition for area students enrolled in kindergarten through the fifth grades.  Students representing 17 elementary schools participated in the annual event, which allows younger students to demonstrate their interest in and appreciation for science, engineering, geography and mathematics.

Award winners of the 2009 Young Learners Science Exposition are:

CU Aggie Award for Best of Show:   Lauren Guthridge, Pioneer Park

Liebniz Award for use of Mathematics:  Conner Heffernan, Whittier

Mae Jemison Award for recognition of a humanitarian effort:  Brianna Parker, Cleveland

Gaylord Nelson Award for recognition of environmental awareness:  Raymond Greene, John Adams

James Hutton Award for geology or geography awareness:  Sarah Fineran, Geronimo Road

Marie Curie Award for excellent problem-solving display:  Kristen Myers, Geronimo Road

Aldo Leopold Award demonstrating scientific curiosity and appreciation:  Courtney Gilpen, Whittier

Copernican Award for demonstrating a novel idea:  Stojan Jekic, Trinity Baptist School


1st - Science Experiment: Aiden Heffernan, Whittier

2nd - Science Experiment: Dewayne Brown, Pioneer Park

3rd - Science Experiment: Nicolas Tabor, John Adams and Nyrobie Rubio, Almor West

1st - Behavioral Science Experiment: Makayla Martin, Parklane


First Grade

1st - Science Experiment: Abigail Wood, Parklane

2nd - Science Experiment: Skyler Busse, Woodland Hills

3rd - Science Experiment: Makinley Kennedy, Sullivan Village

1st - Engineering Model: Stojan Jekic, Trinity Baptist Academy

2nd - Engineering Model:  Willistean Bennett, Lawton Christian School

3rd - Engineering Model: Cadence LaBoeuf, Ridgecrest

Second Grade

1st - Science Experiment:  Hannah Dering, Whittier

2nd - Science Experiment: Gillian O'Brian, Sullivan Village

3rd - Science Experiment: Allison Wells, Douglass

Third Grade

1st - Science Experiment: Raymond Greene, John Adams

2nd - Science Experiment: Andrea Domenico, Pioneer Park

3rd - Science Experiment: Kaytlin Wimple, Crosby Park

1st - Engineering Experiment: Conner Sasseen, Lawton Christian School

1st - Behavioral Science Experiment: Conner Heffernan, Whittier

Fourth Grade

1st - Science Experiment: Alyssa Snow, Sullivan Village

2nd - Science Experiment: Miricle Carter, Almor West

3rd - Science Experiment: Peter Gomez, Lawton Christian School

1st - Engineering Experiment: Courtney Gilpen, Whittier

Fifth Grade

1st - Science Experiment: Kristen Myers, Geronimo Road

2nd - Science Experiment: Lauren Guthridge, Pioneer Park

3rd - Science Experiment: Dakota Weeks, Sullivan Village

1st - Engineering Model: Benjamin Lee, Lawton Christian School

1st - Engineering Experiment: Xavier McVea, Cleveland

1st - Behavioral Science Experiment: Alex Harris, Whittier

1st - Geography: Sarah Fineran, Geronimo Road

Additional participants (listed by school) were:

Almor West Elementary: Madison Finch, Madyson Houston, Seth Jerez, Raphael Lopez

Brockland: Hunter Chung, Keiana Chung, Nolan Gonzalez, Lucas Vanderpool

Cleveland: Destiny Montalvo, Joseph Pena

Crosby Park: Ashlyn-Kaye Abernathy

Douglass: Nygelle Bronson, Patrick Johnson, Madison Villegas

Eisenhower: Blaise Manuel

Geronimo Road: Chase Schmidt

Howell: Jailyn Crutch, Marxus Tenequer

John Adams: Dakota Hamilton, Ebony L. Morris, Nancy Snell

Lawton Christian School: Mason Santos

Parklane: Hannah Hamill

Pioneer Park: Erin Henry, Audrey Henson, Alexia Jenkins

Ridgecrest: Joseph Phanson, Dylon Ross, Kassidy Rhae Wilson

Sullivan Village: Hailey Latham, Dylan Morgan, Austin Shirron

Woodland Hills: Hannah Carter, Michelle Cox, Kyndall Erricson, Alex Jimenez, Ayonna Johnson 


May 8, 2009