Cameron ROTC cadets receive scholarships

Cadets from Cameron University's Army Reserve Officers' Training Corp. (ROTC) program have received scholarships fall based on academic performance, physical fitness, leadership qualities and overall potential to serve as an officer in the United States Army. CU cadets received 11 of the 47 scholarships awarded this fall as part of the Civilian Sponsored Scholarship Program.

"Cadets in Cameron's Army ROTC program are known for their academic ability and leadership qualities," says Major Rod Boles, Chair, CU Department of Military Science. "It is gratifying that members of the Comanche Battalion have been recognized with these scholarships. They each demonstrate an outstanding work ethic and a strong desire to serve our country and are destined for leadership positions."

Recipients of United Services Automobile Association Scholarships are Jason L. Floyd, Matthew L. Davis, Lorrie M. French, and Jacob A. Stinson. Donovan X. Herron and Franklin D. Pangelinan received Armed Forces Insurance General Melvin Zais Scholarships, and Edward J. Hurley, Jr., Daven W. Moore, Daniel C. Oberrender, Justin L. Rhodes and Michael A. Roberts received Lieutenant General Timothy J. Maude Scholarships. All of the scholarship recipients are residents of Lawton/Fort Sill.


December 21, 2009

PR# 09-269