Cameron Department of Health & Physical Education announces outstanding majors

Cameron University's Department of Health and Physical Education has honored its top five students based on academic performance, citizenship and character, class leadership and participation in campus, community and professional activities. David Gregory of Lawton received top honors and was named 2008-2009 Outstanding Major of the Year. He will receive national recognition through the National Association for Sports and Physical Education via that organization's "NASPE News".

"The faculty of the Department of Health and Physical Education is pleased to recognize David Gregory as the 20th annual Major of the Year," says Dr. Todd Garner, Chair. "I have found Mr. Gregory pleasant to work with, cooperative and personally motivated. He excels academically, athletically and in leadership areas and is an excellent role model and a wonderful representative of our department. Congratulations to all of our top five students for their outstanding academic and community leadership."

Also honored, were Megan Atkins, Colleyville, TX; Jana Christian, Duncan; Elke Rittger, Lawton; and Travis White, Lawton. All honorees have been recognized by having their picture displayed in the departmental foyer.



March 31, 2009
PR# 09-080