Cameron Office of Veteran Affairs recommends online application for emergency GI Bill benefits

Cameron University's Office of Veteran Affairs recommends that veterans who are eligible for emergency checks for their educational benefits under the GI Bill should utilize the online application provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs at in order to eliminate the need to travel to a regional VA office. The online application, available starting October 2, will guide veterans through the process to supply needed information. Online applicants will receive their emergency payments through the mail after processing.

According to information provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs, Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric K. Shinseki has authorized advanced payments up to $3,000 for veterans who have applied for VA educational benefits and who have not yet received their monthly education payment as of October 2, 2009. This is an advance payment of the veteran education benefits.

Shineski had previously announced that the VA's 57 regional benefits offices would provide on-the-spot emergency payments beginning October 2.

Only veterans in the following programs are eligible for the advance payment:

  • Chapter 33 - Post -9/11 GI Bill
  • Chapter 30 - Montgomery GI Bill
  • Chapter 1606 - Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve
  • Chapter 1607 - Reserve Education Assistance Program
  • Chapter 32 - Post-Vietnam Era Educational Assistance Program.

Dependents are not eligible for this advance payment option.

Veterans will have the advance payment amount recouped from their normal monthly payments. Once the amount of the advance has been recouped, then payments will resume for the rest of the semester.  

Students who believe they are eligible for the advance payments can apply online or travel to the Muskogee VA Regional Office. Students are strongly encouraged to verify that they have not received a payment on October 1 before traveling to the Regional Processing Office.   

Students electing to travel to the VA Regional Processing Office must have a government-issued photo ID (driver's license, military ID, etc.) and proof  of enrollment in school (class schedule, admission letter, enrollment verification letter, etc.). Students will be required to sign for the payment upon receipt.

Additional information is available from the National Call Center, 888-442-4551 and on the VA's education website,


PR# 09-204