Cameron University adds Cameron Village II to Campus Master Plan of Capital Projects

Due to a significant increase in the demand for on-campus housing at Cameron University, CU President Cindy Ross requested to begin the process for the addition of a second residential apartment complex during today's meeting of The University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents. The first step is adding the project to the university's Campus Master Plan of Capital Projects. Following approval of the request, Cameron Village II has been added to the Campus Master Plan.

"As the University of Choice for southwest Oklahoma with historic enrollment numbers this fall, Cameron is experiencing an all-time high in the number of students who live on campus," explains Ross. "Cameron students want to enjoy a complete collegiate experience, which for many includes living on campus. We are evaluating the need to expand student housing capacity as we foresee a significant increase in demand for on-campus housing in the coming years."

Cameron University's on-campus housing options consist of Cameron Village and the Shepler Center. Cameron Village, a residential apartment complex located on campus, was constructed in 2004-2005. Since students first took up residence in Fall 2005, occupancy has continued to increase, resulting in a waiting list for the past two years.

Housing in the Shepler Center, CU's traditional dormitory-style residence, is also filled to near capacity this fall, with 311 students residing in the 40-year-old facility.  

Ross stresses that approval by the Board of Regents simply adds the project to the University's Campus Master Plan of Pending Capital Projects and that no funding has been allocated for the future project. "We will continue to analyze the long-term need for more student housing before any further action is taken," says Ross. "Placing an additional apartment-style housing unit on the Campus Master Plan is the first step in the process."


November 5, 2009