Cameron speeds up student refunds with Aggie OneCard

Aggie OneCardCameron University students will no longer have to stand in line for refunds, as CU has partnered with Higher One to distribute refunds electronically via the Aggie OneCard. CU students will receive an Aggie OneCard debit card in late April; beginning with Summer 2009 refunds, scheduled for distribution in early June, all CU refunds will be delivered to students via Higher One.

"The impetus for this change comes from our students," says Glen Pinkston, Vice President for Business and Finance. "Students will no longer have to wait in line to get their refunds. In addition, funds can be available very quickly. Electronic deposits eliminate the time required for paper check processing."

 Students are advised to verify their current mailing address no later than April 2, as the Aggie OneCard will be delivered to the address on file with the university. Students can do so by logging into the CU's student information portal, All students who verify their mailing address will be entered into a prize drawing for a $50 gift card from I-Tunes, provided by Higher One.

Aggie OneCards will be mailed to CU students in April and will be used for all future refunds. The Aggie OneCard is not a credit card.

"Because this is now the only method by which Cameron will process refunds, all students are advised to keep the Aggie OneCard, even those who do not foresee receiving a refund for the coming summer semester," says Pinkston. "They will need the Aggie OneCard should they receive a refund in the future. Students who discard the initial card and need one later will incur a replacement fee."

Upon receipt of the card, students will log into to create their Higher One account and select the method they prefer for refunds. Students may choose 1) Easy Refund, a direct deposit to the OneAccount, a no-minimum balance, no monthly fee, FDIC-insured checking account provided by Higher One, 2) an ACH transfer to a bank account of the student's choice, or 3) a paper check.

Direct deposit to the OneAccount will provide instant access to funds, while an ACH transfer requires two to three business days. Paper checks require seven to 10 business days.

To process refunds, CU will forward Higher One a list of student names and refund amounts and will wire the funds to Higher One. Higher One distributes each refund to the students, handling all exceptions and providing customer service.

Higher One will provide an ATM machine on the CU campus, allowing students to obtain cash using their Aggie OneCard with no fee. The Aggie OneCard will also work in other ATMs, with applicable fees. 

Details about the Aggie OneCard and the OneAccount can be found at Students can also contact the CU Cashier's office at 580-581-2219 for more information.


March 10, 2009